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Scale your franchise growth with time-saving, cost-effective fitouts.

The success of a franchise relies on memorability. The world’s most popular franchises can translate their brand image to exacting specifications. From layout to colour choices, logos, and more, customers gain a sense of familiarity no matter where they spot the business on their daily travels.

Our mission is to create spaces that evoke the essence of your brand or business, by shaping key essential elements around the chosen location of your franchise. The result is a space that feels uniquely a part of the community, and also a shining beacon of the franchise and the quality of goods and services it provides.

Leading with exceptional end-to-end customer service, coupled with high-quality construction and design services, we’ll work together to bring your franchise to life in Melbourne.

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Time-Saving Design

We understand that fitouts can be a lengthy process if not thoroughly planned out. So we do as much heavy lifting as possible before commencing site work. This means:

  • Mocking up design variations quickly within our in-house design team. Applying changes as necessary.
  • Where possible, working with local suppliers with shorter lead times on furniture, joinery, and other materials
  • Manufacturing the build off-site as much as physically possible, to reduce time-on-site
  • Clear upfront pricing, with solutions that work within your budget, not outside of it.
  • If you need to apply for a new building or planning permit, we can sort that out for you as well.
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Bespoke franchise fitouts expertise across multiple industries.

Melbourne is Australia’s cultural capital. Businesses both nationally and internationally choose our city as their home.  We pride ourselves on making their transition to Melbourne as simple and streamlined as possible. And with our decades of experience across a diverse range of industries, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver franchise fitouts that fulfil your business’s unique needs and requirements. Our projects run the gamut of fitout development; not limited to but including:

Have a retail or shop franchise? We’ll give it curb appeal along with an interior that inspires customers to wander.

Expanding your business into Melbourne? We’ll make sure it feels like home for your local team and welcoming to your clients.

Backed by our hands-on approach and meticulous design and construction solutions, Canopy has the knowledge and experience to create a franchise fitout that is bespoke and unique, while still aligning with other franchise locations. 

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Cost Transparency in Every Build

Priding ourselves on delivering the highest quality work, we also work with you to design the best fitout that is in line with your budget. How do we keep budgets from blowing out? Transparency and communication at every step of the way.

We do all of the heavy lifting at the start of the project to give you a clear picture of costs, material delivery, and build times. In these early stages, we also address any potential red flags that would disrupt the project, fighting fires before they ever become a flame. This way, you have the clearest picture possible of what your fitout will cost well before we pick up the tools. 

Offering a range of cost-effective solutions, from complete fitouts to partial builds, renovations, and upgrades, we’re able to meet any of your build requirements at a cost that won’t blow your budget.

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Why work with a franchise fitout expert?

Franchises are not standalone entities. They represent a brand. An idea. An expectation that the customer experience will be the same whether it’s in Melbourne, Florida or Melbourne, Victoria. 

Other fitout companies may be able to deliver your vision. Yet very few will be able to grasp the importance of the above concept. Franchise fitouts must be bespoke and simultaneously a mirror image of every other franchise location. It’s a delicate balance that only an expert fitout provider, like Canopy Fitouts, can strike cleanly.

See our full bespoke fitout process below and learn how we can tailor a cost-effective solution for you.

It’s all about the process!

The Canopy Difference

At Canopy, there’s no design template that we copy and paste on top of your business. We treat each project as a unique undertaking, factoring in budget and space intent to find smart solutions for your workspace. We’re a local design firm, so if problems arise on site our team can address them immediately. And our strong supplier/contractor relationships ensure that you're getting the best prices for supplies needed to build out your space.

With years and years of project management, design, and construction experience. Our team is ready to take on any challenge in a detailed and timely manner.

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  • What if the project costs more than expected?
    • We always will work with your ideal realistic budget, not the other way around. That being said, if you have a design idea that is outside of the scope of your budget, we will do our best to create a more affordable, alternative design solution. Our team prides itself on finding creative, budget-friendly solutions, so don’t hesitate to share that grand idea with us!
  • How long does a fitout take?
    • This all depends on the size of the fitout project, the complexity of the space and the types of finishes you choose. As a general rule, large projects usually range between 8-10 weeks from initial consultation through to completion, and small projects usually range between 4-6 weeks. 

      We will provide you with a project schedule once initial consultations have been finalised and the fitout project has been scoped by our Designers and Architects, so you’ll never come across any surprises.
  • Can you supply new equipment? (e.g. refrigerators, display boxes, grills, furniture, etc.)
    • Yes, we can source a supplier if necessary to supply new equipment for the fitout.
  • What National Construction Codes are you able to create fitouts for?
    • We are well-versed and experienced in meeting the standards for all NCCs. No matter how specific your requirements are, we will meet and exceed the standards set out by the Australian Building Codes Board.