Office Strip Out Services

Expert, efficient office strip outs for all types of businesses

Streamline Your Strip Out With Canopy

Moving offices? Looking to completely renovate your current office space? Whatever your situation, our team of experts at Canopy Fitouts can carry out all your strip out needs. 

We deliver comprehensive strip outs and take care of everything from defitting to flooring removal, and more. Unlike other strip out companies, our team takes care of every step of the strip out process. You don’t have to worry about finding and coordinating multiple contractors to complete your project. 

Having serviced countless businesses across Melbourne, we have the expertise required to deliver your office strip out.

A Complete Strip Out Service

Working with a large team of qualified, experienced project managers, builders, and tradespeople, we are able to deliver a comprehensive strip out service that most contractors can’t match. We can carry out any services that your business requires, including (but not limited to):

  • Removal of temporary floors and ceilings
  • Partition removal
  • Furniture removal  (including built-in workstations and office dividers)
  • Decommissioning and removal of power and appliances (e.g. air conditioning, heating, telecommunications)
  • Removal of fixtures and fittings
  • Stripping out kitchens, bathrooms, and other supporting rooms within your offices
  • Branding and signage removal
  • Rubbish removal

From Strip Out to Fitout

If you have no intentions of leaving your current office location, leave the entire renovation process to us as well. Outside of our strip out expertise, our team has carried out multiple, award-winning fitouts for businesses all over Melbourne. We work with you from strip out to fitout, helping you redesign a space that’s functional, pleasing to the eye, and promotes office productivity.

This isn’t a routine, messy demolition. Our all-in-one service takes into consideration the reusability and resale value of your office equipment. Should you decide to reuse certain components in your next fitout, or resell older equipment, we’ll remove these items with care. We organise skip bins for waste and will leave your office completely spotless at the end of the strip out.

Are you ready to start your office strip out? See how it all works below, and book your free consultation today. 

The Process

Planning Phase

Our team meets with you to discuss your business strip out needs and expectations. From you, we’ll get a general idea of the size of your space, and learn what needs to be removed, defitted, and disposed of. If you will be using the space post-strip out, we’ll also discuss potential fitout concepts for your office. In all cases, we will work with you to find the most suitable commercial strip out solution for your requirements and budget.


We prepare proposals based on the brief from the initial meeting where we go through and decide how we will complete the strip out in a way that meets all of your business requirements. This is where we get feedback from you so we can proceed to the next step. We offer cost-effective solutions for an affordable strip out, so your budget is always top of mind.

Site Commencement

All costs are agreed upon during this stage and the outline of the project and timelines are discussed. We organise all relevant permits to be approved and issue you with a final Project Schedule.


We carefully source and recruit the right contractors for each job within the project. We work with our team of project managers and tradespeople and ensure there will always be a qualified team onsite to complete the strip out within a reasonable time frame. Team leaders conduct weekly site visits with you so you can check in on the strip out and how it is coming together.

At completion, we conduct a handover to you after ensuring you’ve had a thorough walk through of the new space and make sure you are happy with your completed project. We continue to work with you to take care of any additional needs and ensure they are resolved in readiness for your relocation.