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Installing Office Partitions for Melbourne Businesses

While great in concept, open-plan offices can have their issues. Noise travels easily, privacy is non-existent, and there is no delineation between spaces for work, breaks, or meetings. 

Fitouts can help businesses create these separate spaces for work, breaks, and collaboration. And sometimes multi-functional furniture may best suit the needs of a growing business. That’s where Canopy Fitouts comes in.

We help Melbourne businesses select and install the ideal office partitions for their working environment, helping business owners create spaces for privacy, noise reduction, and more.

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Why Use Office Partitions?

Reduce Noise

Many employees have had a difficult time transitioning back into office environments. A large part is due to the noise and conversations that often occur in shared workspaces. With some Melbourne businesses having spent over a year working in isolation, even a bit of low chatter can rattle the concentration of workers who have grown accustomed to quieter work-from-home environments.

Acoustic office partitions can break up the noise of clicking keyboards, phone calls, and office breakout sessions. In open offices with many shared spaces, partitions help reduce sound reverb from travelling through the entire space. The higher the partition, the more sound reduction; effectively creating separate, quiet spaces within an open office.

Increase Productivity With Office Screens

Distractions are a part of office work. These distractions are often amplified in a more relaxed office setting. Teammates have small talk. Meetings are held at desks instead of meeting rooms. And sometimes music is playing in the background. Office screens can help. 

Screens help business owners create separate, individual spaces for employees to carry out solo work without distractions. They also allow in natural light, which could influence mood (and therefore productivity).

Whether it is dividers, screens, partition walls, or cubicles, Canopy Fitouts can help you find the right solution to help your team reach their peak work potential.

Create Spaces for Separate Functions

When you’re holding private meetings, eating lunch, and taking calls all at your desk things can get messy. Without designated spaces for certain work functions, you may end up being too approachable at work, leaving you no time to complete your individual tasks.

Divide your office floor into separate function areas for collaboration and privacy. This can be done using freestanding office partitions, or wall-mounted partition systems.

Use High Dividers to Create Privacy

Some meetings or work needs to be completed away from the wider team. These situations arise often in businesses of all sizes.

 Employees need assurance that the privacy of certain meetings is upheld, along with the comfortability to speak freely without worry of eavesdropping. High dividers create the floor-to-ceiling privacy needed in these situations.

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Popular Office Partition Types

Standard Mobile Partition

  • Unfixed or wall mountable
  • Arrange in any shape or straight line
  • Multiple surface types (soft & sound-dampening or hard and wipeable)

Interlocking Office Cubicles

  • Panel post system to create any cubicle size
  • Sound-dampening fabric with optional windows

Mounted Partition Walls

  • Wall mounted
  • Built-in entry door
  • Arrange in any shape or straight line
  • Soft, sound-dampening surface
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Ways to Divide Your Office Space

At Canopy Fitouts, we generally use three varying methods to install office partitions:

  • Fixed: Permanent, true floor-to-ceiling coverage with stronger materials and increased noise reduction.
  • Wall-Mounted: Often taller partition systems (due to being anchored by a perpendicular wall), with some of the flexibility and portability of a freestanding system.
  • Operable Wall System: Floor-to-ceiling systems with stronger materials and increased noise reduction. Slide or fold out to completely divide larger spaces

Not sure which office partition system is best for your fitout needs? In the initial design phase, our team will work with you to discuss your options and budget, helping you find the most effective partition solution for your office.

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Add Office Partitions to Your Fitout

The open office plan is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you have to be limited by its lack of functionality. Office partitions can help you divide your open space, creating productive and useful spaces for your team. We can include various systems into the overall design of your fitout so that you’re never locked into one set floor plan for your office.

Ready to discover what your office could become? Book your free consultation today with Canopy Fitouts.