February 17, 2021

Optimising and Budgeting for a Fitout

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Understanding Your Fitout

Keeping your office fitout affordable whilst optimising the space might not be the easiest venture, but with some of our tips and tricks, we can provide you with some insight into how you can cut costs and optimise your fitout for success. As part of Canopy Fitouts' process we offer alternative options if you want to see where you can save on your fitout. It's important to understand all the elements involved from start to finish when designing an affordable fitout and that's why we are here to guide you all the way.

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Optimise Your Business Space

Even though we are right in the midst of the digital age, a physical space still has an edge over its online presence.

The physical aspect of your business space can both tell a story, honing in on your brand, mission and vision of the business. It also makes it an enjoyable and pleasant place for everyone to work in and a place that impresses your customers or clients. 

Optimising the space available is key.

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Be Smart With Your Storage Space

You can never underestimate how much storage space you need. Custom-made storage may fit your office proportions perfectly compared to store-bought shelves. These items can be bought at a cost effective price. Consider your spatial requirements and fitout your office out with custom-built joinery and multipurpose furniture with cabinet integration.

Avoid Dark Colours

Avoid visual chaos and opt for neutral wall and decor colours to achieve optimal productivity and positivity around the workplace. Dark colours can create feeling of being cramped and closed in. 

Using Partitions Where Possible

Transparent partitions or partitions with the use of greenery are a flexible way to designate workstations in a small office space. This can create the illusion of a cohesive flow that is organised and optimises that use of space.

Privacy Hubs

Need a space for meetings and important phone calls away from the hustle of the office, why not invest in a pod? Privacy pods and booths are sound absorbing and is a great solution to avoid the daily hustle of the office when you need some peace and quiet. Instead of investing and designing a space with multiple quiet rooms, privacy pods can be a cost effective solution to incorporate into your office fitout.

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How Canopy Fitouts Can Help?

Find out how Canopy can deliver an affordable office fitout for your business that is optimised for success. Call us today on 1800 434 868 or email us at info@canopyfitouts.com.au.