November 12, 2021

5 Amazing Office Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Office

Things have changed over the last eighteen months. 

Work has evolved, and business owners are rethinking the space within which they operate.  Employees have different working styles. Some may not want to come into the office at all. 

This is the new era of work. 

An era where the office must go beyond basic function. Where the office must be a welcoming space for all personalities and work types. 

Recreating an office space that reflects productivity on an individual level is the key to keeping your team motivated through this new hybrid work environment. We have a few office decor ideas you can try today to make your office a versatile space for all of your employees. Read on to learn more.

1. Brighten Your Space With Greenery

One quick and simple way to redecorate your office space is through the use of greenery. Not only are plants appealing to look at, but they have also been shown to provide benefits on a much deeper level.

Plants may improve the quality of indoor air. Although not a complete substitute for office air filtration systems, plants can be a natural way to bring life into your office environment. Bamboo palms and spider plants in particular have been shown to filter common indoor toxins. 

Studies have also shown a correlation between productivity and greenery within a working environment. Some researchers notice a decrease in sick days taken, and an improvement in creative thinking.

2. Expand Your Space With a Feature Wall

Whether you have a large corporate office or a workspace, feature walls are a great way to bring your office to life. Not only are they a great conversation starter for visitors, but feature walls can also function as a breakout space for your wider team.

When creating a feature wall, remember that it’s okay to experiment. Some businesses opt for a blown-up version of their company logo. Others use feature walls to highlight a long-term vision or company values. 

If you want to make the most of your space, consider turning your feature wall into an oversized dry erase board. Make it space that any employee would love to use for brainstorming or collaborating with others.

For smaller offices, updating a feature wall with a mirror will also make your space feel larger. 

3. Treat Textures Like Colours

Colour palettes are important. Using soft colours like blues, greens, and the occasional off-white, are less distracting in a work environment. 

When updating an office, colour is often the first thing that gets a refresh. Textures, although equally important, are often an overlooked aspect of design. Textures can influence mood as much as colours do. When done in combination with colour, the right materials bring a sense of depth to an office space.

In an open office, textures can be used to delineate areas by their function. Apply softer textures in meeting rooms to contain sound travel. Balance out clinical white walls with inspiring furniture and timber panelling. Make your employees feel like they are in a creative space through contrasting textures and colours.

This office in Tokyo leverages the use of texture in a totally unique way. The open floor plan keeps in mind all the ways people might work alone, or in groups. Textures—not walls—are used to accentuate the function of each individual space. Just from the photos alone, you can imagine where teams might congregate, where employees go for quiet deep work, or where working lunches might be held.

4. Light a Path to Productivity

Proper lighting can elevate an office space to a new level. Lights function beyond illuminating a space. The type of lights and lighting used should vary based on how an office functions. 

Hanging pendant lights are great in meeting spaces as a source of ambient light. Although mainly a centrepiece for gatherings, they perform equally as well in lighting individual workspaces. Simply apply a shade to focus the light to the desired location.

Recessed lighting is often the go-to office illuminator. Yet LED lighting has been shown to replicate a brightness similar to natural light. Hanging LEDs can function equally as a light source and focal point of a well-designed office. 

Lastly, if your space captures natural light very well, make the most of it. Proper shading can remove mid-morning glare while allowing the sun to get through properly.

5. Keep It Neutral

When researching office decor ideas remember to keep things neutral. Starting with an uncomplicated base allows for more creativity as your progress in your redesign. 

Go for colours that are easy on the eyes. Then have fun with textured paints on your feature wall.

Keep your flooring a standard material. Then add a unique feature carpet or branded directional floor patterns.

Look at the space around you. You probably don’t even need to change much, you just need to highlight the hidden features of your space. Wall art can elevate a dull wall without going through a complete overhaul. Acoustic panelling can delineate between quiet and conversational spaces. Exposed brick makes for a great feature wall.

Leverage what already exists in your current work environment. Approach your redesign this way and you’ll find it easier to experiment with unique furniture, custom lighting, and other office decor ideas. You may also find it cost saving in the long run.