November 16, 2021

10 Indoor Plant Hire Services For Your Office

We could go on and on about the magic of plants

They reduce stress, improve air quality, and brighten up the often drab office environment. Among many other benefits, these little green wonders are key to unlocking your team’s full potential. Without them, you're losing out on potential gains in employee productivity and creativity.

Want to spruce up your office decor but not sure where to start? Don’t want to stress about upkeep and proper maintenance? Consider using an office plant hire service. They’ll help you select the right flora for your space, and will take full responsibility for caring for your new plants. 

Below we’ve listed 10 of our favourite Melbourne plant hire services. Scroll down to find the best one for your business needs.

1. The Frenchams Group

Already have a concept that you’re struggling to bring to life? Give all your ideas to The Frenchams Group and they’ll make it happen. The Frenchams Group are not afraid of a challenge and love to work with businesses of all sizes to bring their plantscaping ideas to life. 

They love building relationships with their clients and will work within a budget to find the best office plants for your situation. They are the oldest plant hire company on our list, with over 100+ years of knowledge and relationships within the landscaping industry. With such an expansive range, you are bound to find great indoor greenery that will spruce your office.

2. Ambius

Ambius Indoor Plants has a wide range of plant offerings to pair with any type of office, cafe, or restaurant. With locations across all major cities, this plant hire company is great for businesses with multiple interstate sites.

They help you choose plants that will thrive in your office environment. Once installed, they have a dedicated service team to maintain your plants regularly. 

Ambius is a socially responsible company, using its funding to restore and maintain the Daintree rainforest in Queensland.

3. Corporate Plants

With over 30 years of plantscape experience, Corporate Plants exclusively serves the Melbourne metropolitan area. They will work within your budget to implement a plant design that functions well with your space.

Corporate Plants performs routine maintenance and replacement, so you don’t have to worry about plant upkeep. They are happy to perform installations after hours, allowing your business to continue operations without interruption.

4. Broadway Plantscapers


Broadway Plantscapers is a Melbourne plant hire service operating in the local area for over 40 years. They pride themselves on their competitive rates and finding the most appropriate plants for your current space.

They are happy to work alongside interior designers and architects for no additional charge; ensuring plant selection matches the overall theme of your working environment.

You can book a free, no-obligation quote and inspection via their website.

5. Foliage Indoor Plant Hire

If you're looking for a bit more flexibility, consider Foliage Indoor Plant Hire. The Victorian business is unique in that it requires no lock-in contracts for its services. 

You can increase or decrease the number of plants you’d like to hire, swap out plant types, or cancel services at any time. Foliage prides itself on its customer service experience and uses its versatility to adapt to your business needs. They have a variety of plant options available and are happy to visit your space to determine which options are best for you.

6. Tropical Plant Rentals

Tropical Plant Rentals works with local owner/operators nationwide to deliver a personalized service to all major cities (including Melbourne). Their primary services are indoor plant hire, green walls, and designer pot hire. 

If you are considering a full office makeover, Tropical plant rentals may be an ideal place to start. Designer pots can be swapped around with any of their plant offerings. So you can choose a pot that aligns with your overall office vibe. They also provide event hire plants.

7. Plants for Hire

Based in Victoria, Plants For Hire is all about attention to detail. Relying on a collective 4+ decades of experience, they have grown and cultivated unique plant species which thrive indoors. 

They work with you to see through your office decor ideas and will select the best plant and pots to bring those ideas to life.

8. Pot ‘N’ Plant

Pot’n’Plant are Melbourne plant hire specialists servicing the metropolitan and regional Victoria. Plants can be purchased outright and regular maintenance. They can also be hired and maintained on a semi-long term basis.  

Pot’n’Plant has a high standard of plant maintenance. Nevertheless, if they notice that a plant is failing in its indoor environment, they will replace it at no expense to you. 

If you’re not too fussed about office Feng Sui, they offer three affordable packages to try out before committing to something long term.

9. Inscape Indoor Plant Hire

Inscape Indoor Plant Hire works with businesses across varying industries in Melbourne to provide well-thought plant design. For urgent inquiries, they can have an installation ready within 24 hours. 

They specialize in desk and floor plants, with a capacity to perform larger installations upon request. Like other major plant hire companies on our list, they perform scheduled maintenance on all installations. 

If you want a no-fuss installation, hand the reins over to Inscape. They’ll select the best plants and choose the most ideal location for in-office placement. They’ll also stay out of your way throughout, allowing you to conduct business as usual.

10. Plants at Work

Last but not least is Plants at Work. With roots in the plantscaping industry dating back over 100 years, this company prides itself on staying ahead of interior design trends. Its ability to stay modern is why they are still thriving to this day.

 Each project starts with a design consultation. When all elements are agreed upon, their team then performs the installation at a time that works best for you. They have wide versatility when it comes to project scope, and have deep experience working on projects of all sizes.

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