July 15, 2022

7 Ways to Optimise Your Space for a Growing Business

We often see clients cramped workplaces - running out of room or having already done so because of poorly designed office fitout.

The modern office should allow between 10-14 square metres per person. If we work on this equation and imagine a space that is 500 square metres in size you should be able to comfortably fit 42 staff in it with an effective office fitout. However, there are many factors that prevent effective use of space in an office

When it comes to large office fitouts, a standard size per person allowance is now is around the 12-14 square metre mark. Or to look at it from a different perspective 3.5 meters wide and 4.5 meters deep which should be plenty enough room for a good sized desk and storage unit.

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A Meeting Space Mix

When we meet Melbourne based clients to review their office fitout opportunities, poorly designed meeting spaces often take up way to much room. A great office fitout should have a god mix of meeting spaces. There is no point having a 20 person boardroom if a lot of the meetings are for eight people only or if you have a 20 person all staff meeting once a month. Making large multi-functional spaces is ideal, rooms like your breakout or lunch room which is heavily used can double as being your all staff meeting room once a month. Your current office may already have all the answers.

First Impressions Are a Must

Oversized reception areas are so common and a real limitation to business owners with a growing team. Although having an inviting reception area is critical to first impressions it can be very isolating to the receptionist if they’re sitting in a large area tucked away from the rest of the staff. We also see a lot of businesses still being hampered by the restraints of having a physical reception even if they don’t have a receptionist. Office fitouts are now more than just desk, walls, partitions and furnishing – at Canopy Fitouts we also like to look at things a little differently. Technology has come a long way and having something like an iPad sign in area is a great way to still engage the guest while they are waiting for the staff member to greet them.


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Space Planning is a Science

Badly laid out desks can often take up much too much room. Melbourne based office fitouts are now starting to be more efficient in their use of space whilst retaining a sense of style. Carefully re-planning and relocating workstations can make all the difference particularly when you are trying to only add in a couple additional seats. 

The Perfect Couple, Storage and Exercise

Centralising storage areas can open up new possible areas for workstations and opportunistic meetings. Our experience says your employees should only have documents at their workstations that they use daily. Having a central storage area will create a cleaner work environment for all employees and create additional incidental exercise in the office. Healthy staff equals a healthy workplace. 

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Sales, Field and Operations Teams

Think about hot desking and embrace flexibility in your office fitout. Do your transient staff really need a permanent seat? Can they drop into the office on different days or at different times and share a desk? In an activity based working environment you can supply as little as 70% staff capacity seating meaning if you have 100 staff you only need 70 seats. If you have designed your office fitout correctly there are many different locations your staff can work from for the day.

Think Fresh and New for Your Office Fitout

Don’t let old technology hold you back. Technology has changed the way we look at office fitouts in Melbourne. If you are a smaller business consider running a wireless option. This can create total flexibility for your staff and saves you money on fixed cabling and infrastructure.

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Where To From Here?

If you're reviewing your current space for your growing business give us a call on 1800 10 3000 or email info@canopyfitouts.com.au today!