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The perfect fitouts for a thriving nightlife scene

The bar scene in Melbourne is as competitive as it is lively, and after the pandemic lockdown, there’s nothing thirsty Victorians want more than a night out with their loved ones. In order to deliver the best experience for your customers as well as your staff, a fitout from Canopy has you covered.  

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable interior designers and architects work with you to understand your bar fitout needs and design the ultimate in quality finishes. We take a step-by-step approach to learning your bartender and wait staff needs, understanding your customer and industry-certification needs, and above all, get a clear look and feel of your business so we can deliver the perfect bespoke interior bar fitout.  

See the full fitout process and learn how our in-house team of experts work with you to take your bar to the next level. 

Have a set of plans already?

We understand that constructing a bar fitout can be a lengthy process if not thoroughly planned out. So leave the heavy lifting upto us, and we can ensure your bar fitout design is delivered on-time and on-budget. This means: 

  • Mocking up design variations quickly within our in-house design team. Applying changes as necessary
  • Where possible, working with local suppliers with shorter lead times on furniture, joinery, and other materials
  • Manufacturing the build off-site as much as physically possible, to reduce time-on-site
  • Clear upfront pricing, with solutions that work within your budget, not outside of it.
  • If you need to apply for a new building or planning permit, we can sort that out for you as well
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A range of quality fitouts for all Melbourne bars and budgets

At Canopy, we understand the last year hasn’t been easy for people in hospitality. This is why we offer a range of the best bar fitout services for all budgets - regardless of how big or how small your job. Whether you are opening a new bar or renovating an existing one, we’ve got the talent and flexibility to work any budget.  

Canopy’s fitout team are experts in designing a space that works for your bar, and importantly, for your budget. We work with you according to your spend so you won’t come across any nasty surprises, and deliver the highest quality fitout finish for the best affordable price.

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It’s all about the process!

Design Phase

Our Consultant and Designer meet with you to discuss your business fitout needs and get a clear perspective on your vision. We will discuss your requirements and what challenges you are currently facing with your workspace; whether it’s a size issue, a functionality improvement or simply a workspace update, we will work with you to find the most suitable commercial fitout solution for your requirements and budget.


We prepare proposals based on the brief from the initial meeting where we go through and plan the look and feel of the proposed business fitout project. This is where we get feedback from you so we can proceed to the next step. We offer cost effective solutions for an affordable fitout, so your budget is always top of mind.

Site Commencement

All costs are agreed upon during this stage and the outline of the project and timelines are discussed. We organise all relevant permits to be approved and issue you with a final Construction Set, Fixtures and Finishes Schedule and a Project Schedule.


We carefully source and recruit the right contractors for each fitout construction job. We work with our team of Designers and suppliers to ensure consistency across the look and feel of the project, and conduct weekly site visits with you so you can check in on the fitout and how it is coming together.

At completion, we conduct a handover to you after ensuring you’ve had a thorough walk through of the new space and make sure you are happy with your completed project. We continue to work with you to take care of any additional needs and ensure they are resolved in readiness for your relocation.

We sourced the barrels from one of the producers who feature on the wine list and suspended them on the wall. It adds an earthy feeling to the back of house area and the right frame of timber tones just the right amount of warmth.

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Canopy Fitouts

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Your Bar Fitout Questions

  • How much will my bar fitout cost?

    Depending on your needs and scale of the project, we work with you to create a fitout for your bar that is in line with your budget. We offer affordable Design and Construction services, and service all bar and hospitality venues across Melbourne and Victoria, regardless of the size of your fitout project. To find out more read our Fitout Costs blog here. For specific pricing, call us today.

  • How long does a fitout take?

    This all depends on the size of the fitout project, the complexity of the bar’s existing floorspace and the types of finishes you choose. As a general rule, large projects usually range between 8-10 weeks from initial consultation through to completion, and small projects usually range between 4-6 weeks. 

    We will provide you with a project schedule once initial consultations have been finalised and the fitout project has been scoped by our Designers and Architects, so you’ll never come across any surprises.

  • Why should I consider a new fitout for my bar?

    There are many reasons to update the interior of your watering hole. Whether you’re looking to improve the functionality behind the bar, upgrade the interior design and styling, or simply want to reimagine how traffic flows through your venue, the end result will leave your staff and customers impressed and coming back for another round. 

    Previous clients of ours have come to us to report that after their new fitout their employees are much more productive, happy and engaged in the workplace, which will only benefit your bar’s bottom line.

    See our full list of bar and hospitality fitout services available across Melbourne.