September 8, 2021

11 Best Office Design Ideas

Office culture isn't what it used to be. And the terms "workspace" and "place of work" have become somewhat indistinguishable.

Offices are no longer four beige walls and a row of cubicles. Now more than ever, smart companies seek creative ways to inject a sense of personality into their office spaces, to best showcase the business culture and inherent values. And with substantial merit.
Since 76% of millennials feel strongly that office design and aesthetics influence their impression of a company — offices are no longer simply about generating impact for clients, but more importantly, for staff. Think about it.

We couldn’t agree more. Office fitouts can say a lot about a company, and most office spaces could do with a little improvement. And we've learnt firsthand from designing fitouts — that the working experience is elevated when staff are inspired by their surroundings.

So what inspires us? That's easy. Incredible office designs — the types of innovative workspaces that make you want to work in the office. We've compiled a list of 11 of the best office design ideas to inspire your next fitout or refresh. Some of these designs we've played a hand in, and others we just admire from afar. But nonetheless, these design ideas made a distinct impression on us and we hope they will for you.


1. ANZ Centre by Foolscap Studio

Nominated for a string of design awards (for good reason), the ANZ Centre occupies level 10 of the bank's Collins St headquarters. Foolscap Studio has created a sumptuous workspace, that capitalises on natural light from every angle, almost seeming to elevate the cityscape even further. Combining impressive open spaces, communal zones and natural timber and stone overtones — the area conjures a sense of connection and inclusivity, of which any employee or client would happily be enveloped by — perhaps even outstaying office hours.

2. Lechte Corporation by Plus Architecture

More than a touch of monochromatic class. For the Lechte Corporation in Melbourne, Plus Architecture delivered an office design both industrial-inspired and exceptionally sophisticated. From the bold reception desk statement piece seemingly carved from the wall, to the sleek black metal framing throughout, the design team have optimised the small floorplan to feel both minimal and expansive — an impressive showcase of design composition and high-end office functionality.

3. Lofts Quarries by Canopy Fitouts

Can an office space resemble both industrial and sustainable simultaneously? You bet. For the team at Lofts Quarries, we capitalised on that vision to produce a sleek and distinctly modern office fitout — with functionality and the core of every design decision. Encompassing stunning light fixtures to complement the polished concrete floors, and highlighting the natural materials wherever possible — the design emits a warm and harmonious workspace that champions the building's industrial heritage.

4. Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

It's all about the curves. For Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle in Brisbane, Jackson Clements Burrows Architects have blended workplace and wellbeing in a seismic display of interior style. The high-end aesthetic champions the warm and tactile timber finishes, as inspired by the site's unique topography. The clever formation of internal circulation, through formwork and joinery, gives the impression of streets — carving up the expansive floorplan into smaller multi-function spaces, lounges, and offices.

5. Our Community House by Canopy Fitouts

We're proud of this one. The brief — transform an old union building in North Melbourne for Our Community House, into a state-of-the-art co-working centre. And by capitalising on the building's history and existing industrial facade, our design team looked to elevate the bones with a clever, creative solution at every turn. By stripping back the internal building to its core elements, we discovered a range of distinct features to then highlight with a modern appearance and flair — instilling several cost-effective measures that became signature design motifs. All in all, not a bad result for the Christmas holidays.


Say hello to the office isle for people and puppies to thrive. With the growing trend towards dog-friendly office spaces — BARK's unique workspace in Columbus Ohio has been designed to foster a barkingly authentic and engaging workplace. Omitting the company's distinct culture and ethos, the project led by NBBJ considers the growing number of daily canine companions, serving up an innovative workspace that caters for all occupants. The biggest thing we're all wondering, who's on clean up dooty?

7. BresicWhitney by Chenchow Little Architects

A unique haven of interconnected urban networks.  Chenchow Little Architects has produced a stellar suite of three office locations for BresicWhitney across Sydney, all of which ooze multiple travel paths and clever uses and lines of sight across the entire office floor — creating uninterrupted tiny office area villages.  In addition to producing a high-end and unparalleled aesthetic, the innovative use of space ensures that all office spaces appear vastly non-hierarchical, re-iterating the shared ethos of the company. We also marvel at the work of timber set against the existing concrete building fixtures, paying homage to the heritage architecture of the inner city locale.

8. Supra Capital by Canopy Fitouts

A touch of Gatsby-level sophistication. We were tasked with what some would call the improbable, to bring a classic art-deco feel to a corporate office environment in Armadale. Yet, where some designers may have seen difficulties, we saw potential — taking complete creative control to capitalise on style in every way we could. By using custom-made period style arches, floor to ceiling glass panels, pendant lights, and brass finishes we created a series of cozy, smaller spaces. The overall theme was enhanced by the art-deco features and furniture, capping off the high-level decor and rendering the desired finish accordingly. And all done with a martini in hand.

9. Place171 by Garde

A nomadic co-working lair, PLACE171 looks like the kind of evolutionary office space you'd catch Bruce Wayne sketching out plans for a new batmobile. Created by GARDE in Tokyo, the flexible environment aims to bring community and people together with multi-functional and hybrid capabilities. We love the gothic timber fixtures adorning the walls, in perfect juxtaposition with the stark monochromatic colour palette and concrete renders. The result is a fantastic interplay of high-end chic, yet still deeply inviting and cosy.

10. Family Office by Canopy Fitouts

A grungy Melbourne laneway in an edgy office fitout. That was our goal, to capitalise on this old bluestone building — and leverage the street art culture of Melbourne to make an impact with this fitout for Family Office.

With the premises' many inherent obstacles and access issues (the top floor of a building with a tiny lift), we made the best of the urban jungle with complete ingenuity, formulating a state-of-the-art modern office facility with all the trimmings. Stone benchtops and splashbacks, glass room dividers, street art murals, fully integrated climate control systems — it is every part a thriving satellite office, from which our clients would happily call home outside of office hours.

11. Warner Music Group by Rockwell Group

Where the office fitout can take centre stage. Rockwell Group's office design for Warner Music Group's LA Headquarters celebrates the record company's distinguished history and performance — rendering a contemporary space that's equipped to handle it all. A former landmark Ford Factory built in 1912, the space bears all the contrasts of old and new, in a forward-thinking home for some 800 employees. The flexible five-storey building, with an adjoining two-storey annex, plays host to a myriad of unique spaces, open floor plans, welcoming sightlines and a variety of communal spaces – including a centrepiece stage area with bleacher-style seating. Now, this would have to be the world's best workspace for office karaoke, right?

Wrapping Up

As you can see, when it comes to office designs, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. And personality and utility of space seem to be at the forefront of all these favourite designs, capturing the essence of a company and reflecting it in the ‘day in, day out’ spiritual home of where the magic happens…. the office!

Do you have a dream office in mind? We’d be more than happy to help bring that vision to life, with a customised office space that captures and elevates your company to the next level. Get in touch.