February 24, 2021

4 Reasons to Add Greenery to Your Office

4 Reasons to Add Greenery to Your Office v2

It’s no secret that adding a few plants to your workstation or wider office makes it look more inviting, colourful and closer to nature, but adding greenery has a stack of other benefits too. From increased productivity to cleaner air and reduced noise, here are four reasons why you need to get to your local nursery.

4 Reasons to Add Greenery to Your Office 2

Increased Productivity

Psychologists have found that productivity increases by 15% if workers can view a plant from their desk. It’s a known fact that as humans we’re happiest and healthiest when we’re outside, so bringing some of the outdoors into our working areas can help with our general wellbeing and ultimately, greater productivity. There’s also research linking desk plants to improved mood, concentration and creativity, so aside from wanting to perform better at their jobs, your employees might also become more creative!

Cleaner Air

There are loads of harmful chemicals found in the air, which come from building materials including paints, carpet, plastics – all which can contribute to serious health implications. Research has shown that adding just one plant to your desk will immediately start removing harmful, airborne toxins. The NASA Clean Air Study discovered that many indoor plants work to remove harmful chemicals from the air. NASA even uses them to improve its space station air quality.

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Reduced Stress

Spending so much time indoors is bound to make you cagey. Caring for your office plants can not only help you to keep calm during a busy work day, but can minimise your stress levels – especially if you practise mindfulness. It’s well-recognised by psychologists around the world that indoor plants can have positive effects on mental and physical health, helping to reduce stress.

Reduced Noise

Meetings, phone calls, office chit-chat – sometimes offices can be incredibly noisy, making it hard for employees to be productive. Did you know indoor plants can also be excellent noise blockers? Plants with particularly broad leaves are particularly effective at absorbing sound due to their surface area. If you’re trying to minimise noise, consider introducing the peace lily or the fiddle leaf fig into your office. Remember: the more plants you introduce, the better they’ll work at reducing sound.

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