August 15, 2023

Is an Office Pod Right for Your Business?

Who would’ve thought the phone booth would be making a return in the 21st Century?

Office pods (a.k.a phone booths or privacy pods) are reinventing the idea of privacy and productivity in the workplace. As open-plan offices become the norm, the office pod has stepped in to fill the role of meeting rooms and more. 

But are these souped-up soundproof tiny spaces worth the cost for the benefits they provide? Let’s explore office pods and determine whether your business needs one.

What is an Office Pod?

An office pod (or privacy pod) is a self-contained structure within an office space. 

Pods come in various shapes and sizes; from the standing-room-only phone booth to the large conference room style.

Privacy pods are built for comfort and acoustics. The built-in soundproofing keeps office chatter out, while allowing the user to hold private conversations without the need to leave the general office floor. 

Pods are also purpose-built to serve different functions. The popular phone booth style is ideal for private 1-1 calls or can function as a quiet space for solo work. Larger pods are best for meetings or collaboration.

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Why Some Businesses Install Office Pods

Why has the office pod concept grown in popularity? There are a few reasons why.

  • Acoustics & Concentration: In busy open-plan environments, noise can be a significant issue. It affects productivity and inhibits concentration on tasks requiring deep focus. With acoustic insulation, work pods provide a controlled environment with reduced noise levels.
  • Privacy: When a confidential phone call needs to be made, pods are sound-proof places to go. Employees can hold private conversations on the office floor without interrupting the wider team.
  • Space Optimised: Work pods are flexible, multi-use rooms that fit within your existing office. They are usually moveable, allowing you to change your office layout to meet the needs of your evolving team. They are functional spaces for all types of work, individual or collaborative.
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Office Pods vs. Office Fitouts

Privacy pods have their benefits, with some businesses looking to pods as a quick fix to a space that needs an upgrade. But are pods any better—or worse—than an office fitout? Let’s explore.


With a complete office fitout business owners are free to design their space according to their specific needs and preferences. It is also a great opportunity to future-proof the office layout, adding features designed for flexibility and space optimisation (e.g. wall partitions). 

While office pods also offer some level of customization in terms of size and style. These options are limited. Many office pod companies offer pre-configured designs with limited options for finishes and materials used. If the floor space in your office is limited, you may encounter further design challenges with a premade office pod. 


When it comes to pods and fitouts, the difference in scope is drastic. 

An office fitout is a complete transformation of your existing space. This includes walls, floors, lighting, furniture, and other fixtures. Multiple workstations, clusters, meeting and breakout rooms can be created based on what your business needs. And like office pods, these spaces can be soundproofed and built with privacy in mind. You can also build office pods into your fitout, as we did for Safe System Solutions.

If you go the office pod route, it's essentially a smaller temporary fix to existing issue(s) within your office. Office pods solve the problem of noise and focus but are limited in size. They solve the problem of privacy—but 9 times out of 10—pods are installed with clear glass walls, making them semi-private at best.


Office fitouts are large projects, so in theory, they should cost more. But you’d be surprised to discover that some privacy pods cost tens of thousands of dollars (not including installation).

Why are they so expensive? Pods generally use premium soundproofing materials and other high-quality finishes. While this is great for the overall finished product, if buying a large pod (or multiple smaller ones), costs can add up quickly. This doesn’t include potential delivery or installation fees. 

Office fitouts are an equally significant investment, but the cost to include a privacy pod within your fitout could be less overall. Fitout companies work directly with suppliers to secure quality materials at the best prices. Since materials are purchased in bulk, you pay less across the board. It’s an investment in creating a workspace that inspires productivity, not just a single office pod.

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Should You Get an Office Pod?

Is an office pod the right solution for your business? 

If you need a quick privacy solution, office pods work. But if your team is plagued by distractions, and your office is no longer a space of productivity and collaboration, it might be time to take a more holistic approach to your workspace. At Canopy Fitouts we can help you design an office that is functional and inspiring. 

We’ve helped businesses across Melbourne transform their workspaces and can help build an office customised to your unique operational needs. Our knowledgeable team of experts is here to answer any questions you have about office pods, fitouts, and costs for each, and we’ll work with you to discover what’s best for your space.

Any questions? Reach out to our team for a free consultation today.