August 22, 2023

5+ Dental Clinic Design Trends For 2024

How do you turn a routine dental checkup into a remarkable experience?

Dental expertise is important. Customer experience is important. And dental clinic design is the lynchpin that brings it all together. 

Gone are the days of the foreboding, plain, clinical dental office. People want to go to spaces that feel inviting, comfortable, and accommodating. Keep reading to discover the latest dental design clinic trends for 2024. Which ones will you incorporate into your new dental fitout? 

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2. Dedicated Dental Clinic Photo Studio

Nothing speaks better about the quality of your dental services than seeing real, tangible results. 

Many modern dental fitouts now include a dedicated photo studio, complete with a studio-quality lighting setup. Private photo rooms are different from x-ray rooms. They are a place for dentists and orthodontists to photograph client progress with their treatment programs. 

The popularity of photo rooms mirrors the rise of social search as the new “word of mouth”. Clinic owners will document a client’s progress on TikTok, Instagram, or other platforms as a way to reach new audiences.

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3. Departure Lounge

Some dental visits are standard checkups. Some are a bit more elaborate, requiring patients to take some time to recover before leaving. 

It’s common for patients in recovery to sit in the busy, bustling waiting room until numbness subsides. Seeing patients in recovery could easily trigger dental anxiety for another waiting patient, ruining all the work you put into creating a relaxing patient experience. 

Newer clinics are taking a page out of the medical fitout book, creating space for separate patient departure lounges. Lounges like these are common in day surgery hospitals but are rarely seen in dental clinics. It’s a way for receptionists to manage the patient experience on both ends, while also ensuring patients are looked after even when their surgery is complete.

5. Kid-Friendly Dental Clinic Design

Whether your clinic sees children, adults, or a mix, the design of your space should accompany both. 

Games and play spaces can help children pass the time in the waiting room. If you’re working with limited space, a feature wall could also function as a sensory board for toddlers to interact with.

Inside the consultation room, opt for brighter colours and ceiling art to keep wandering eyes focussed on anything but the procedure. Some clinics even install televisions on the ceiling as a way to keep children occupied.

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6.Separate Post-Procedure Payment Area

When the visit is over and the patient has recovered, it’s time for payment. Dental costs can vary from patient to patient, with each patient in various financial situations. It can be very uncomfortable to have private discussions about healthcare and fees in a crowded waiting area.

Creating a holistic environment doesn’t stop after the consultation. Building a separate post-procedure payment area can make conversations regarding insurance and payment methods easier for everyone to have. 

It’s a little personal touch that shows your clinic cares about the individual. And it’s the last chance for your team to imprint a positive memory on the entire experience. 

Elevate Your Patient Experience With These Dental Clinic Design Trends

Most people won’t remember a thing said to them throughout their visit to the dentist. But they will remember how they felt on the day. How your dental clinic is designed could make a difference in keeping a lifelong client or scaring them away forever. 

If you are inspired to create a dental clinic that people want to go to, Canopy Fitouts can help. We have years of experience in the dental and medical fitout industry and can work with you to create a design that is fresh, welcoming, and functional. 

If you have any specific questions or are ready to get started on your dental fitout, speak with our knowledgeable team today. Initial consultations are free and fully transparent.