November 11, 2022

Considering a DIY office fitout? Here's what you need to know

Like most business managers in Melbourne, you may be rethinking the space within which you operate - it could be cluttered storage closets, not enough (or too many) workstations, or an absence of collaborative areas. Your office may no longer serve the same purpose it used to. Many of us have outgrown our offices; for some of us, our offices do not reflect the new hybrid working environment we now exist in.   

For whatever reason, renovating your office space can be a massive undertaking. Especially when you're on a strict budget - it can be challenging to design, plan and manage an office fitout on your own. If you're on the fence about engaging an office fitout company, or wondering what it takes to do it independently, here's what you need to know.   

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Shedding light on costs and timeline

With so many different costs involved, it can be difficult to calculate how much your office fitout will cost. Office fitout companies that have complete oversight on a project can offer accurate quotes on the total cost of your fitout. Suppose you want to adhere to a strict budget without compromising on style and the staff/client experience. In that case, an office fitout service can source lower price materials that match your design aesthetic.   

Working directly with suppliers, office fitout companies have a clearer understanding of material lead times and will factor these lead times into the overall timeline of your build. At Canopy Fitouts, we only start on-site work once all materials have arrived and all possible items are pre-built, so your business doesn't remain closed any longer than necessary. They have enough experience to know what parts of your project could become expensive over time. So there are no surprises, you'll be informed of this at the start of the project.   

Office fitout companies also tend to have much better relationships with contractors and suppliers, which means you'll be able to reap the benefits of discounted prices on materials.  

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Permits and hidden costs sorted  

Whenever you alter a space, you may be changing its use—and, therefore—the permits required for operation. In most cases, business owners will require both a building permit and a building surveyor towards the latter stages of their office fitout. Professional office fitout companies handle this entire process from beginning to end, so you can direct your attention to running your business.   

Not sure if your HVAC needs to be replaced during your office renovation? Have old plumbing or electrical?  

Office fitout companies can accurately assess your current services and ensure they meet the regulatory standards required to keep your business in operation.    

Outside of this, they ensure that your office meets all other standard building requirements, such as:  

  • Entry/Exit signs  
  • Sprinkler compliance  
  • Fire services (smoke detectors, extinguishers, etc.)  
  • Mechanical  
  • Any special requirements for heritage-listed buildings  
  • Airflow  
  • Accessibility  
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Design expertise   

The benefits of engaging an office fitout contractor extend beyond the build/construction side of things. Having an interior designer involved early on and during the delivery of your office fitout project means you have smart design expertise to add value at every phase. If you're looking to nail brand identity, optimise client experience, find cost-effective design solutions or create a space that inspires your staff, a professionally designed office fitout will never fail to add value to your working environment.   

When you wouldn't need a fitout contractor  

With all things considered, we acknowledge that a professional office fitout service is not always required. With in-house interior designers and project delivery teams, an end-to-end solution may be unwarranted to some businesses. Some offices need only a desk reshuffle or new meeting rooms built into the space – in that case, it may be more beneficial to go directly to the builder, joiner or trade needed. Likewise, if it's purely an aesthetic (and not functional) change, where your office upgrade involves new wall paint, artwork, plants or furniture, an interior decorator is likely to add more value here.   

Need Inspiration?

At Canopy Fitouts we believe in transparency at every stage of the fitout process, which is why we put together this guide to help you decide. With experience across various offices in Melbourne, we understand that every business is unique and will work with you to bring your vision to life and within budget. If you have any specific questions or are ready to get started on your fitoutspeak with our knowledgeable team today 

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