A Nostalgic Nod to the Past for Curve Accountants

Curve Accountants specialises in accounting and financial planning services for the medical, dental, allied health, and veterinary industries. A recent office move sparked ideas for a completely new creative direction in office design. Finding vintage cream brickwork at the site of the build set us off on a challenge to create an ultra-modern fitout that looked and felt as if it were lifted straight from the 70s.

Curve Accountants Tom Fossati Web Res 04

Creating a ‘Contemporary Vintage’ Aesthetic

To achieve this vision, we began with a complete strip-out of the existing office, giving us the freedom to go all in on customisation. We replaced the old ceiling tiles with a plaster ceiling throughout the office, with the exception of the boardroom, where we introduced a timber ceiling. This timber element waterfalls down the wall, creating a luxurious, vintage-like boardroom atmosphere. In the reception area, we added curved walls; a subtle homage to the firm's name, Curve Accountants. Each element was carefully selected and shaped to feel of the era of the original building yet still modern, timeless and inviting.

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Colour Palette and Materials

The colour palette was kept neutral, featuring whites, timbers, and subtle hints of black for contrast. To add a touch of nostalgia, we incorporated small pops of sage green and rustic clay colours in the brick tiles, working to highlight the original cream brickwork. The brick-look flooring extends into the kitchen space, ensuring cohesion throughout the office and creating a natural, modern, rustic chic aesthetic.

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Bringing in Modern Office Elements

Curve Accountants have embraced modern office fitout trends, with open workstations and the elimination of hierarchical offices. This design ensures that staff and clients integrate seamlessly within the space, reflecting the firm's values of trust, care and fun. The open layout invites productive team interactions and collaboration, making the office an overall joy to work at.

Creating Unique Office Fitouts in Melbourne

By blending modern design elements with nostalgic touches, we have created an office space for Curve Accountants that pays subtle homage to the past while looking forward to the future. This new office is the perfect balance and fun and professionalism; a true reflection of how welcoming and approachable Curve is to their clients.

At Canopy Fitouts we love taking our client’s vision and bringing it to life through creative design. Whether that be an office, restaurant, cafe or industrial warehouse our team is uniquely positioned to create personal, productive and timeless fitouts for Melbourne businesses.

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