January 19, 2024

Your 2024 Office Move Checklist For a Smooth Transition

Moving house is hard enough. Moving offices is a different beast. 

Or is it?

As with any move, a checklist can be a lifesaver. It will help you stay organised during every phase of your relocation, allowing you to stress less and focus more on what matters: your business.

What follows is the ultimate office move checklist designed to facilitate the smoothest transition possible into your new space. We cover every essential step of the process from 12 months out all the way to move out day, helping you stay on track as you happily tick tasks off the list. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can return and update your progress as you go.

7 - 12 Months Out

  • Review your current commercial lease agreement. Understand what terms and conditions you need to abide by should you decide not to renew. Understand what penalties may apply if you decide to break your lease early. 
  • Identify the scope for the new office.
  • If you haven’t already, start researching and inspecting potential spaces for relocation.
  • If not yourself, assign a project manager to oversee the move at every stage. Work with them to create a moving plan (using this checklist), to keep everything on track.
  • Set a moving budget and share this with the project manager to avoid overspend.
  • If you have a new space locked in, explore your office fitout options. A custom fitout can be designed and optimised for your unique business needs.

3 - 6 Months Out

  • Sign the lease agreement on your new space.
  • Notify your current landlord and give official notice in writing.
  • Notify your wider team of the move and the potential relocation date.
  • Decide what furniture and equipment you’ll keep, and if there is a need to purchase new furniture.
  • Lock in your moving date.
  • Depending on the size of your team, assign department leaders to coordinate the move along with your project manager.
  • Finalise your office fitout design, timeframe, and budget. Use this to determine when you should start your new fitout design.
  • Secure a removalist company.
  • Create an inventory checklist of all office supplies, equipment, and furniture.
  • Looking Ahead: 
    • Review special equipment and determine how it will be handled during the move. 
    • If you have a “make good” clause in your current lease agreement, explore office strip out options to ensure you receive your bond back in full.

1 - 2 Months

  • Begin your office fitout if you haven’t started already.
  • Start packing and tagging non-essential items and their final destinations (e.g. new office, offsite storage, recycling)
  • Walk through your new space with your office fitout provider and assess the work in progress.
  • If you’re bringing older equipment into the new office, tag all essential items and confirm this with the removalist.
  • Notify customers, clients, and suppliers of the change of address. Share a point of contact during the transitionary period and the address of the new location. 
  • Schedule IT, phone, and other necessary utility installations in the new office, and cut-off dates in your current office.

1-2 Weeks

  • Complete your office strip out.
  • If possible, encourage employees to work from home or rent a temporary coworking space for your team. 
  • Pack and label important items.
  • Recycle, donate, or resell any items that won’t be going into the new office.
  • Consider renting an offsite storage space so that your contractors (removalists, defitters, etc.) aren’t interrupting each other.
  • Make sure you have multiple access keys, codes, and security tags available for your team on moving day.
boxes 1

Moving Day

  • Supervise the move alongside the moving project manager. Direct the moving company towards what to load, and where it should be placed in the new office.
  • Assign a point person to manage any business responsibilities, as you will be unavailable for most of the day.
  • Have refreshments on hand and lunch catered for the team members who will be assisting with the move.
  • Keep emergency numbers at hand for all parties involved on the day.
  • After the final box is loaded, walk through your old office to ensure nothing has been left behind.
boxes loaded truck 1

After Your Move

  • Unpack and set up furniture and equipment.
  • Test internet speeds and phone systems.
  • Update company website email signatures with the new address.
  • Ensure that any insurance from the previous location has been transferred to the new office.
  • Distribute keys/security codes to the rest of the team.
  • Complete a post-move evaluation with the project manager and identify if any changes need to be made to the new layout.
  • Consider issuing a press release regarding the new move.
  • Celebrate the move, thanking your team for their support and patience during the transitionary period.
meeting table 1

Create Your Dream Office Space With Canopy Fitouts

Armed with this guide, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth move from your current office space to your new one. Bookmark, print, and share this checklist with your team to make this process even easier. 

If you’re moving into a new space, chances are you’ll need to “make good” your current space, while also designing your new office. Doing this alone while coordinating multiple contractors is a recipe for stress at a time when you should be focusing on running your business. Why not consolidate these services under one point of contact?

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