Kennards Storage Expansion to Melbourne’s Southeast

Privately owned and family-operated for 50 years, Kennards Storage is the nation’s go-to choice for self storage. With over 77,000 units across 101 locations, the Kennards family prides itself on delivering an unrivalled customer experience at each location. With a new location set to open in Cranbourne West, the Canopy Fitouts team was tasked with delivering a fitout that was on brand, while also being functional and welcoming for both customers and staff.

037 Kennards Resampled

Choosing the Right Materials

In partnership with MCHP Architects, great care was taken into ensuring that the brand was integrated throughout the design of the fitout. 

With a strong brand identity like Kennards Storage, we led with blue and orange tones from end to end. We paired this strong colour contrast with elements of natural timber on the ceilings and walls. 

These materials helped soften the blue-orange theme, creating a warm backdrop for the pops of colour featured throughout the fitout.

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A Space for Customers and Team

Often, very little thought is put into the design of storage facilities. Individual storage cubes are built, and little consideration is given to customer needs during the moving process, or team needs throughout the day.

For Kennards Cranbourne West, we opted to create a fitout that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing for clients and team members. There is a multifunctional breakout room, where teams can discuss storage options with potential clients. It can also be used for staff meetings or breaks during a move, with an accompanying kitchenette for meals. 

The space has good flow, allowing customers to move items in and out of storage without encountering unnecessary hazards. In-floor LED lights indicate the sizes of each storage cube, allowing prospective customers to visualise the size of each unit in relation to their storage requirements.

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Delivering Functional Industrial Fitouts

At Canopy Fitouts, we welcome the opportunity to work with Australian household names like Kennards Self Storage. We delivered on their specific brand aesthetic, while also creating storage space the residents of Melbourne’s southeast will want to keep using again and again.

Whether your space is industrial or office, a restaurant or wellness centre, we specialise in creating beautiful, useable workspaces. Purpose-built spaces can increase staff productivity and make customers feel welcome. Is your business ticking the box on either?

Consult the Canopy Fitouts team for your next industrial fitout – we don't mind giving you a little advice on cost, budgets, compliance, and space planning. Call us on 1800 434 868 or email, and we would be more than happy to chat with you about bringing your vision to life.