April 14, 2021

Office Fitouts vs. Office Refurbishments

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What is an Office Fitout?

An office fitout is a term used to describe any renovation works that are related to ensuring an office interior space is fit for purpose. It is essentially the preparation stage of the project, ensuring it’s made into somewhere that is safe for you and your employees to work within. Fitouts are generally a blank canvas to work with that eventually become a functioning and renovated workspace. Fitouts aren’t just limited to offices but can be shop fitouts, warehouse fitouts, medical fitouts, bar fitouts, restaurant fitouts and more. You may also need an office fitout service if you relocate your office and need an entirely new fully functioning space.

Fitouts at a basic level consist of 3 stages:

  • The basic structure of the building has already been put together, the shell of the space is set up and ready for adding partitions, mechanical and electrical works.
  • Adding mechanical and electrical work, raising access flooring, suspended ceilings, toilets, fire detection systems and aircon units, ect.
  • Finally, the decorative elements are added such as furniture, interior design techniques and other furnishings.

At Canopy Fitouts we have a 4-step process to our service offering that comprises of the Design Phase, Proposal, Site Commencement and Construction that all revolves around bringing your fitout to life.

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What is an Office Refurbishment?

An office refurbishment is often needed when the space is already in use and the space just needs to be redesigned with a new and improved look and feel. The needs of the business may have changed, and the business may be growing and in need of optimizing their layout to maximise efficiency and comfortability for all employees within the business.

Office refurbishments can involve office additions such as upgraded furniture, re-decorating such as adding new furnishings, fresh new paint, new fixtures added or removed, ect. Refurbishments don’t need to be costly and different styles of working can be adopted to optimize the space to move around existing workstations or furnishings and adding new interior design suggestions that stay within a cheaper budget.

Refurbishments often refer to stripping back and changing up the office space that has already been fitted out in the past. It doesn’t involve preparing the basic structure of the building as it has already been done during the fitout phase.

At Canopy Fitouts we also conduct refurbishments of just upgrading your existing space and re-designing it by our in-house designers in a way that optimizes your space for success.

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