Corporate lobby upgrades for a 90s styled building


Goodman is a global property group that own, develop, and manage industrial real estate including logistics and industrial facilities. We completed corporate upgrades to two of their 90’s styled buildings near Moorabbin airport.

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Prolific Landlords

They are prolific landlords in the space and wanted to ensure their lobbies were representing the tenancy in the space. We re-did the floor and re-designed the space, changing the handrails and integrated a new planter and plant unit. We also installed a timber panelling planter, horizontal black grooves which emulates the exterior of the building. We wanted both inside and outside of the building to be consistent with the style of the lobby. We got rid of the old traditional brown timbers inside the space and gave them a modern and fresh look with bright whites, blacks and timber plans to emulate the upstairs tenancy.

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Putting in the Effort

This space is a good testament to what you can achieve when you put great effort into small spaces. We retained the black tiles in the space and worked with them to integrate them into the space instead of removing them which can be challenging and costly.

Goodman Office Fitouts 2

Two Stages to the Build

Lobby upgrades were important to do in a format that wasn't going to hinder people coming into the space. The two stages of the lobby upgrade we did was the traffic management plan so they can get in and out whilst the fitout was going on and then conducting base build upgrades. Overall, we enjoyed working on this project and the Goodman team were a pleasure to work with. We created a sophisticated, sleek and professional space for all Goodman’s team and clients.

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It’s all about the process!

Design Phase

Our Consultant and Designer meet with you to discuss your business fitout needs and get a clear perspective on your vision. We will discuss your requirements and what challenges you are currently facing with your workspace; whether it’s a size issue, a functionality improvement or simply a workspace update, we will work with you to find the most suitable commercial fitout solution for your requirements and budget.


We prepare proposals based on the brief from the initial meeting where we go through and plan the look and feel of the proposed business fitout project. This is where we get feedback from you so we can proceed to the next step. We offer cost effective solutions for an affordable fitout, so your budget is always top of mind.

Site Commencement

All costs are agreed upon during this stage and the outline of the project and timelines are discussed. We organise all relevant permits to be approved and issue you with a final Construction Set, Fixtures and Finishes Schedule and a Project Schedule.


We carefully source and recruit the right contractors for each fitout construction job. We work with our team of Designers and suppliers to ensure consistency across the look and feel of the project, and conduct weekly site visits with you so you can check in on the fitout and how it is coming together.

At completion, we conduct a handover to you after ensuring you’ve had a thorough walk through of the new space and make sure you are happy with your completed project. We continue to work with you to take care of any additional needs and ensure they are resolved in readiness for your relocation.

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