Melbourne Girls Grammar Office

Heritage upgrades for a renowned school

Melbourne Girls Grammar - Principle's Office and Boardroom Upgrade

Melbourne Girls Grammar was a project where we completed heritage upgrades to the boardroom and principles office. The boardroom took 5 weeks, the principle's office took 4 weeks and the bathroom took 5 weeks to complete.

We completed this project in the middle of COVID-19 lockdown on 2020 which posed some challenges but nothing that we couldn't handle.

Melbourne Girls Grammar Boardroom + Principles Office 14

Heritage Consultancy

Prior to the project commencement we had been consulting with a heritage consultant who advised us on certain aspects of the building that we could or couldn’t alter. If we had to make any penetrations, we had to ensure we didn’t diminish the heritage look of the building and make sure they were concealed or hidden away from visibility of the street frontage. We wanted to preserve the heritage look and feel of the building and space as it also created character to the rooms we were fitting out.

1800s Wood Paneling

One of the challenges we faced was due to the site being a smaller space, there is original 1800’s wood paneling on the walls and timber flooring that had to be re-furbished and not damaged during the works which too about 2 and half weeks to complete on its own.

Melbourne Girls Grammar Boardroom + Principles Office 4

Retaining The Height

The boardroom had a new mech system installed with a tight ceiling space to work with. We tried to retain as much of the original height of the room as possible. The height of the ceilings were a great feature of this space that we wanted to keep as high as possible during the fitout process.

Melbourne Girls Grammar Boardroom + Principles Office 10
Melbourne Girls Grammar Boardroom + Principles Office 8

Arkee Creative Designers

Arkee Creative were the amazing designers of this project and we had a great time working along side them, constructing their design and bringing it to life.

We upgraded the lighting systems in both rooms, gave it a fresh coat of paint and ensured the original ceiling moldings in the principal’s room were retained.

Overall, both rooms were upgraded with a fresh 21st century look and functionality without compromising the 1800’s heritage features of the rooms.

It’s all about the process!

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Site Commencement

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