Munro Partners

Munro Partners

Munro Partners is a global investment manager with a core focus on growth equities. The company seeks to align itself with the strength and boldness of Scotland’s Munro Mountains, where investing is likened to the challenge of climbing mountains and the idea of good planning and a smart approach being the key to success. When approached to design and build their new office fitout, we wanted to create a space that would embody their pioneering spirit and help them navigate the current conditions of our post-pandemic working life.   

A sense of tranquility

Ensuring a company's essence is reflected through its office fitout is our ethos. It was important for our client to have an office fitout that evoked a sense of tranquillity and peacefulness. With this in mind, we wanted the colour palette and materials used to mirror the landscape of the Munros - a place where these feelings were often felt deep in the stomach. Sticking to an earthy colour palette, the striking emerald tones of the mountains' lakes were reflected throughout the feature walls and carpet, coupled with mossy greens and natural tan for the furniture. Similarly, we worked mainly with natural materials throughout the kitchen and workstation joinery, using light timbers and earthly bluestone.   

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Workstations for modern work life

At Canopy Fitouts, we recognise that an office fitout design should serve a company's staff just as much it does its clients. Especially in today's current climate, there was a strong drive to design a covid-safe working environment while still allowing for the collaboration that open office fitout spaces can allow. Having to accommodate for the staff's need for personal storage and clothing, we constructed middle columns against the workstations that functioned as both a dividing wall and wardrobe. Coupled with the inclusion of separate zoom rooms and quiet spaces for podcasts, we created the perfect modern office fitout, suitable for work post-pandemic working life.   

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Innovative uses of space

With an office fitout like this, utilisation of space is critical to its success. One of our greatest challenges was incorporating a breakout area, function room, and a 20-seat board room into the office fitout in a way that eb and flows with the needs of the team. With the expertise of our interior architects, the idea was to work with the space rather than against it. Since our client only needed the function room for events, our solution was to create a space that served as all three! This involved building operable walls which separated the kitchen, breakout area, and board room - when put away, the space opened up as a function room that the client could use to host events. The operable walls hung from the ceiling and slid into the media room when not in use, hidden away and out of sight.    

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Lighting to create an atmosphere

In designing commercial office fitouts, lighting can have a significant impact on employees' productivity and wellbeing. Especially in this office fitout, where a relaxing environment was of high priority, we hoped to utilise natural and artificial lighting to contribute to the tranquil working atmosphere. Although natural light was abundant, we used a variety of suspended linear and halo lighting to help add structure to the workstations and orient staff and visitors. Feature pendant lighting was also fitted throughout the zoom/quiet rooms as a focal point to break up the charcoal acoustic panels.     

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It's been a great pleasure to work closely with the Munro Team to create an office fitout that reflects their origns and values so well. Learning about their unique office needs and brainstorming solutions to fit their vision was so much fun and resulted in a fully customisable and bespoke fitout. We are thankful to Munro for trusting Canopy with designing their dream office and it has been a wonderful journey getting to know their team

Heather McAulay
Interior designer, Canopy Fitouts

Through meticulous design planning and listening to our client's needs, our team could produce the perfect modern office fitout with both functionality and character. Having the expertise of both our design and construct teams at hand, we were able to offer innovative design solutions and world-class communication throughout the entire journey of the project.  

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