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Canopy were recently given the opportunity to design and deliver a modern office fitout for the world-renowned sportswear label, 2XU. With 2XU's recent move to a new office space, they required a fitout that would embody the industrial locale of Cremorne and the contemporary working culture of today. Despite the demanding Christmas period, Canopy demonstrated exceptional professionalism and efficiency, resulting in an impressive office fitout that perfectly captured 2XU's vision. Read on to see how. 

Cremorne is a suburb that is commonly known for its industrial charm – this as well as the warehouse character of 2XU's previous office space inspired our design direction for their new office. We aimed to combine the industrial, New York loft-style elements with the modern, clean aesthetic of their brand in our colour and materials selection. Our design choices included polished concrete flooring and a rendered feature wall, which added a touch of industrial character to the space. To balance these hard elements, we introduced warm timbers, tan hues, and greenery to soften the space and create a welcoming atmosphere. The result was a cohesive and stylish office space that perfectly reflected the essence of both 2XU's brand and the surrounding industrial locale.

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The existing space for 2XU's new office was a bare 800 square meters of office space. With the tight timeline, it would have been easy to simply place workstations and build a few internal rooms. However, our team wanted to create a space that was not only functional but also comfortable and conducive to collaboration and productivity. To achieve this, we incorporated adequate breakout and meeting spaces into the floor plan. These zones served not only as functional spaces but also as visual interest in the design. We highlighted these areas with feature flooring, the use of tan colour pops, and lighter timber elements. In contrast, the workstations areas were designed with a monochromatic black and white look to ensure a clean and professional look. 

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As the project ran through the Christmas period, meticulous planning was essential for the supply of materials and the contracting of trades, considering the limited resources available during this time. Despite the challenges faced in sourcing and coordinating trades, we maintained the office fitout build standard by closely monitoring quality control and fostering strong relationships with a new set of contractors. To ensure timely delivery, we remained conscious of longer supplier lead times and prepared alternative sourcing options well in advance. Our proactive approach and attention to detail allowed us to overcome the hurdles posed by the festive season and deliver a successful project. 


Through our team's creative design thinking and lean project management , we could deliver an office fitout on time for our client. Having the client's vision and timeframe in mind throughout the project, we were able to build a thoughtful and cohesive space entirely from scratch. Speak with the Canopy Fitouts team for your next office fitout – we don't mind giving you a little advice on cost, budgets, requirements, and timeframes. So give us a call on 1800 434 868 or email info@canopyfitouts.com.au, and we'd be more than happy to chat with you about your business' needs!   

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