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Canopy were recently entrusted with designing and building an office fitout which perfectly balanced the inflow of staff and clients in the space. Read on to see how we effectively delivered a calming and professional office space for our client Northpark Group.  

Since we were working with an empty office space, our design direction heavily focused on building visual interest and balance in our office fitout. Since the existing structural elements leant towards a corporate aesthetic, we needed to soften the space with organic elements. We incorporated light timbers and whites to contrast some of the darker existing flooring and walls. And in a similar manner, we ensured there was an abundance of greenery throughout the office fitout to create a sense of connection to the natural environment.  

At Canopy Fitouts, we recognise that an office fitout design should serve a company's staff just as much it does its clients. In this particular space, we were able to clients first impression were that of a calm, open, professional space – reflected in the use of timber reception and rear wall to conceal the workstation area. Through this dividing wall, we were able to offer staff the privacy required complemented with the acoustic panelling throughout the office fitout 

When constructing a building from scratch, it's best to engage a fitout contractor at the very early phases of planning – that way, we can identify any cost-saving opportunities and work with the base-builders rather than against them. We could do just that where plumbing, electrical and HVAC were concerned – these services were placed and connected to be cost-effective and operate seamlessly. 

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Through meticulous design planning and listening to our client's needs, our team could produce the perfect modern office fitout with both functionality and character. Having the expertise of both our design and construct teams at hand, we were able to offer innovative design solutions and world-class communication throughout the entire journey of the project. Speak with the Canopy Fitouts team for your next office fitout – we don't mind giving you a little advice on cost, budgets, requirements and timeframes. So give us a call on 1800 434 868 or email, and we'd be more than happy to chat with you about your company's needs!    

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