Our client, Apromore, is a global software company focused on optimising processes and achieving digital transparency for its clients. Having delivered an ever-growing list of projects, we were thrilled to design and build our first 6-star green-certified office fitout for them. We were entrusted with delivering a 260sqm office fitout to honour the building's existing industrial aesthetic and fit the culture of a modern tech company – all amid a global pandemic.   

Complementing industrial aesthetic

For this particular building, it was important for us to establish a sense of cohesion between the existing elements of the space and our office fitout's look and feel. To complement its industrial components, such as the pronounced concrete columns and exposed steel ceilings throughout, we opted for a black monotone palette. And for the furnishings, we hoped to soften the austere feel of its industrial form and tone by incorporating curved elements into the tabletops and chairs and warm timbers across the joinery.   

034 Apromore
035 Apromore

A 6-star Green Building

When working with 6-star green-certified spaces, specifying the right products and understanding the relevant building regulations is crucial to the successful delivery of the project. Unlike conventional commercial spaces, 'green' buildings require a high standard of energy efficiency across the appliances, floor plans and mechanical components of the office fitout. With the help of our mechanical engineer and our teams' thorough construction expertise, we could also plan for energy-efficient temperature control, ventilation, and lighting without compromising the look and feel of the space.   

025 Apromore v2
016 Apromore 3

Modern office space, fit for purpose

It's no secret that our working environment has changed drastically in the last two years. And for many modern tech companies innovating the traditional working model, we see a greater need for our office fitouts to cater for in-person collaboration. For Apromore, this concept was high on our agenda – with the inclusion of a hot desk area, think-tank spaces and quiet rooms. And so, our knowledgeable design team were able to accommodate for this in our fitout with the appropriate IT infrastructure and electrical planning to match.   

024 Apromore

Smart planning

Given the restrictions posed by a global pandemic, meticulous planning was crucial to the successful delivery of this office fitout project. Accounting for reduced staff and supply chain issues, our forward-thinking projects team needed to act fast and adapt their project schedules. By doing so, they could accommodate for onsite density limits and longer lead times across materials and joinery and deliver the office fitout in a timely manner.   

051 Apromore

It was so exciting to work on Apromore and really embrace and complement the existing aesthetics on site. Collaborating with our client to deliver an office fitout to suit their unique business needs was a pleasure. All parties involved really produced a great outcome for Apromore to enjoy for the present and future.

Heather McAulay
Interior designer, Canopy Fitouts

Through our team's forward-thinking and quick initiative, we could deliver an office fitout to the highest standard. Having the extensive knowledge of our projects teams at hand, we were able to offer smart planning and thoughtful design solutions throughout the entire journey of the project. Speak with the Canopy Fitouts team for your next office fitout – we don't mind giving you a little advice on cost, budgets, requirements, and timeframes. So give us a call on 1800 434 868 or email info@canopyfitouts.com.au, and we'd be more than happy to chat with you about your business' needs!    

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