Hunter Products

More recently, warehouses have become an attractive blank state for businesses to establish their roots and build their offices. Our client Hunter Products, a global toy distributor, was tasked us with converting an old Brighton warehouse into a polished office space fit for future growth. At Canopy Fitouts, we pride ourselves in our ability to build office fitouts into all kinds of spaces, and that we did!

Hunter Products Office Fitout 1

Featuring structural elements

The allure of building office fitouts into warehouse spaces is the grandeur of its height and structural elements. As our design's proposed look and feel incorporated modern-industrial elements, we were thrilled to capitalise on the aesthetics of the pipes and beams that ran across the ceiling. This meant exposing the structural elements that would otherwise be hidden, and painting them in contrasting colours to create a feature within the fitout.

A challenge of great heights

On the other hand, warehouse spaces can often pose structural challenges when constructing office fitouts. In this case, we were working with a space with relatively high ceilings and needed to divide the space into different rooms. If we opted for free-standing screens, this would mean poor climate control and soundproofing. And if we installed floor to ceiling walls, the sheer height and volume of material needed would incur steep costs. So how did we divide the space and work with its height? Our solution involved the installation of glass panels which were both functional and cost-effective – this was also a decision that aligned perfectly with the company's culture of transparency and open communication.

Hunter Products Office Fitout 2

Industrial Design

When planning for business growth and looking at different sized commercial properties, we always recommend that our clients consider what their business will look like at the end of its lease term. Fortunately for our client, their selected space was large enough to accommodate for their projected future growth. In this instance, our office fitout's floor plan included a group of spare workstations and toy showroom sufficient for future product lines. 

Hunter Products Office Fitout 9
Hunter Products Office Fitout 8

Through a detailed understanding of commercial spaces, particularly warehouses, and empathy for our client's values and vision, we produced a sleek and future-oriented office fitout on time and within budget. Along the entire journey of their project, we were able to offer Hunter Products world-class communication and smart solutions to working with difficult spaces.

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