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Kings is an Australian-owned transport and logistics company who have recently undergone a transformational shift to move towards more sustainable practices. At Canopy, our sole intent is to design office fitouts that can best serve our clients in both aesthetics and function. So when we were approached to design and build their new office fitout, we hoped to create a space that could reflect the company's spirit and facilitate their fresh transformation.

As market leaders, sustainability and technology are key drivers when considering how an innovative business should look. In their operations, electric vehicles and cloud-based inventory management are just a few initiatives that help reduce impact and optimise their processes. For this to be carried out in their physical office space, there was a major focus on allowing a paperless office to exist. Excluding printers and printer rooms that would otherwise be included in a traditional office space, was a given. From a build perspective, however, ensuring sufficient power and data to allow the business to operate completely online also needed to be considered. In addition, all lighting and climate control were connected to wi-fi and could be controlled by an app.

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An accurate portrayal of our client's brand is paramount to the way we design and build our office fitouts. At Kings, we strived for our office fit out design to be a direct reflection of their company ethos - where collaboration and unity were ideologies that needed to be interwoven throughout the fitout. While space-planning, we made sure that collaborative areas were plentiful, and including an open-plan layout and inward-facing private office suites also maintained a level of transparency. We opted for ceaseless curves throughout the office to further encourage movement, flow and collaboration between staff. In interpreting their physical branding, we decided on a subdued version of their bright red branding, where ruby red was incorporated into booth seating areas and the meeting room carpet.

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When constructing a building from scratch, it's best to engage a fitout contractor at the very early phases of planning – that way, we can identify any cost-saving opportunities and work with the base-builders rather than against them. We could do just that where plumbing, electrical and HVAC were concerned – these services were placed and connected to be cost-effective and operate seamlessly. Being involved early on in the build also ensured our design was consistent with the rest of the space, whereby we could specify materials and finishes that aligned with our client's vision.

When working with scarcity amongst trades and supplies, meticulous planning is crucial to deliver our office fitouts successfully. With time up our sleeve from being engaged early on the project phase, our forward-thinking projects team could accommodate for longer lead times and devote effort to finding and sourcing affordable alternatives. By the same token, we could prepare our plans and documentation in tandem with the build, allowing for efficient project delivery of this office fitout.

Through our team's creative design thinking, we could deliver an office fitout to assist the client and their transformational shift towards more sustainable practices. Having the client's vision in mind throughout the project, we were able to build a thoughtful and cohesive space entirely from scratch. Speak with the Canopy Fitouts team for your next office fitout – we don't mind giving you a little advice on cost, budgets, requirements, and timeframes. So give us a call on 1800 434 868 or email, and we'd be more than happy to chat with you about your business' needs!   

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