March 24, 2021

5 Easy Ways to Create a Sustainable Fitout

5 Easy Ways to Create a Sustainable Fitout

Sustainable Fitouts

Fitouts can be expensive, but by making important sustainable decisions when completing a fitout, you can provide long term savings whilst still creating a perfect and well-designed space.

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Sustainable Lighting

Lighting accounts for more than 30% of the average commercial tenancy's power consumption. If you want to save money on power consumption costs, investing in energy saving light bulbs can make a great difference to company property owners electricity costs. By making the change to incandescent bulbs to energy saving lights like LEDs and fluorescents can reduce your lighting energy use.

Maximise Natural Light

By using translucent wall panels, bay windows and skylights, you can maximise the use of natural light in your fitout. Partitions are also a great way of improving the amount of natural light in your space. We always optimise your space for success and for optimal productivity. With many years in the fitout industry we provide you with options and designs that we believe will maximise your space.

Breakout Spaces That are Biophilic

Breakout spaces are a great place to have lunch, relax or just have a place to hold a small to medium sized meeting. Trying to keep noise levels to a minimum for a multipurpose room can be challenging but one of the cheapest ways to control the sound level can be to implement custom built office partitions made of repurposed materials. Another option to reduce noise can be to strategically place plants around the space as this can act as a sound barrier.

Water Saving Fittings

Installing more sustainable plumbing fittings is an effective way of reducing water wastage and reducing property’s costs. Low flow plumbing fixtures can reduce excessive water flow in order to save cost and water. Monitoring water pressure levels can be another great way to keep water costs low. This can help identify any problems early on so the water pressure doesn't damage any fixtures as high water pressure increase the chance of pipe bursts, which will then be costly to fix in the future.

Long Lasting Flooring

Using sustainable materials for your flooring can save you heaps of money in the long run. Long haul durable, low maintenance flooring material like polished concrete is affordable and lasts a lifetime. We also know your floor needs to look the part and match the rest of your fitout space, that’s why our in-house designers can suggest sustainable options that are long lasting and affordable, that also matches your business’ aesthetic.

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