November 20, 2020

The Impact of Music on Workplace Productivity

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Music Enforces Productivity Throughout The Workplace

Walking into our workplace each day is positive, one of the reasons why is the fact we always have music playing in our office . It’s one of my favourite things about working at Canopy Fitouts and within a small tight knit team.

Personally, I have always been the type of worker that would play music through my headphones to help me focus with my task and eliminate distractions. The downside to this is that I would also drown out my co-workers and potentially miss crucial information that I would need on a job. Being an engaged part of the team makes for great workplace productivity but at a project level it helps us solve issues for clients before they arise.

Canopy Fitouts is the first workplace that I have worked at that has embraced the theory, that playing music throughout an office can boost morale and workplace productivity! This idea is seconded by Andrew Slate’s statement that focus in open workplaces and shared desks continues to be an issue as there is less personal space per individual, music however can help address the growing issue. Furthermore, Cornell University noted that ‘happy music had the power to make a workplace more cooperative and supportive overall’. There is hope, as we move towards more densely packed and multi-use office spaces we need not do so at the cost of workplace productivity.

What The Critics Say

Critics would also say that while playing music can boost productivity, it can also hinder it. To overcome this, it’s best to create a playlist that includes genres that all employees enjoy. This has shown to improve the workplace mindset by up to 87% therefore having an immense impact on workplace productivity.

I personally recommend everyone grab a wireless speaker, boombox, radio, or any form of speaker and be a part of the movement to enjoy your music with everyone you work with!

Click this link to an infographic breakdown of that study.