November 20, 2020

Prepare Your Office for a "Covid Safe" World

Covid Safe Work v2

Getting Back To Work Post Covid-19

Over the next upcoming weeks, businesses will resume their operations in the office and plan for their employees to come back into their workplace as government restrictions gradually ease.

One of the most crucial steps a business can do right now, is make their preparations to combat the transmission of the virus within the shared office space.

Businesses will need to implement guidelines to minimize the risks as much as they can, so they can continue operating.

Your employees will not only appreciate the care, they would be more eager to return to the workplace knowing that there are measures in place to ensure their health and safety is top priority.

Top Tips on Preparing Your Office to be "Covid Safe"

  1. Spatial Planning - You may not be able to bring all your employees back into the workplace all at once due to government restrictions. Furthermore, you may only be allowed to have X number of people per X number of square meters. You can speak to us about spatial planning for your workplace to ensure that your office space meets the capacity of the number of staff you can have working at any one time. Make sure that you are up to date with State guidelines to ensure you are adhering to rules and regulations on physical distancing.
  2. Good Hygiene Practices - Ensure that your employees have all the resources they need to be able to practice good hygiene; this means providing them with disinfectants, hand sanitizers etc. It is important to teach employees about good hygiene practices such as disinfecting their desks every few hours and to maintain a
  3. Install a Door Operated Foot Pull - Avoid touching dirty door handles- this innovative solution will prevent contraction of contact diseases. By installing door operated foot pulls in your workplace, you can be sure that physical contact between employees are minimized.
  4. Hygiene Signage - Signages and posters will help remind employees and other people entering your office the risks of the virus and the measures you have in place to prevent its transmission. You can have signages on:
  • Sanitiser Station
  • Keeping a Safe Distance
  • How to Hand Wash
  • No Handshakes

Ultimately, the health and safety of our workers should be our top priority as employees are a company’s greatest assets. As restrictions are still in place, business owners can use this time to design their workplace to be hygienic-friendly so that their employees can come back to work feeling safe.

Canopy Fitouts can help you achieve a workplace that is designed to be hygienic and COVID-19 safe. Contact us on 1800 434 868 or email