Canopy Office Design Trend File #1

November 11, 2015

Current tread -  Activity based working


2015 was an interesting one, early on in the year there was a big push towards activity based working. Some of the major companies in Australia commissioned new office designs with large open plan areas that gave staff the option to works from any part of the building.  This makes a lot of sense for many businesses as it allows for different business units to expand and contract depending on the fluctuation of the market. Offices designed in this way also allow companies to secure smaller spaces and get a better value for money.


Office Design Feedback

We have been getting some really different feedback from users,  some like the freedom and others hate that they have no space to call there own.  One thing we hear consistently is difficulty for staff who work in groups as they often end up sitting in very seperate places in the office making ad hoc communication non existent.


Office Infrastructure and IT

Activity based working and large open plan offices have changed the landscape for fitouts, staff now need to have access to wireless IT networks throughout the building in many different environments.  Wireless networks and wireless devices have become part of every office and every office worker,  now everybody is always connected to a network whether it be by mobile, tablet or laptop.  Gone are the days of desktop computers and hard cabling. BYOD was really the precursor today's changed landscape of offices and really made activity based working possible.


Activity based working has come to the fore of office design so staff can use what ever area they want to do a task or complete a project. Open plan or activity based work spaces are also put in place to encourage communication.  There are a few problems with this as some roles in businesses require less communication and interaction with other staff and a more traditional working style with one person competing tasks unassisted.




Design Your Office for Your Employees

What we have found this year more than ever is that there is no one size fits all approach to workspaces.  All businesses are different, they operate with varied methodology, have different groups doing specialised tasks and in light of this we have found more creative jobs suit a open plan environments and other need more peace and quite to complete there tasks. However, most of our clients have a mixture of both categories and office design must reflect this.  The real key to quality office design is understanding our client's business and assisting them in developing ways to improve communication where needed and create privacy when necessary. 


If you're looking to renovate, rework, or relocate offices speak to the Canopy team because our approach to office design is set to inspire and excite your clients and employees. 



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