How to Rejuvenate a Tired Space with Smart Office Design Ideas

February 8, 2016


We have all been in an office that is a flash back to the 80’s with its pink furniture and beige everything or better yet offices that have carpet on the walls.  Like all property, offices are spaces that need attention but it is very easy to become complacent about your office.  Have a look around I bet you can see a folder or pile of paper and an old wobbly chair that has been there since the early 2000s.  Office spaces are communal which means that people generally don’t have the personal attachment to the space; if spaces are left to their own devices they will quickly become old and dated.


Three Smart Office Design Ideas You Can Implement Now


Office Design Idea #1 – Natural Light

There are some easy fixes to bring your space back to life, the biggest one is light unfortunately in the 80’s and 90’s we thought it was important to take the most attractive area in the office with the nice views and natural light and put the boardroom in the way. What this space planning choice meant was that the facility we use the least, the boardroom was left in the best spot in the office. 

The other not so brilliant idea we had was to construct all the office around the perimeter of the building because management then felt they needed to have a view. We’ve found now that management tends to face the centre of the office (away from the view) or spend the least amount of time in the office – yet their work space takes up the prime real estate. In short, this blocks a significant amount of natural light leaving the workforce that spend 8 to 10 hours at their desk to grind it out in fluorescent lights.   

Luckily this attitude has changed and management has seen the light or maybe I should say they have seen the light and now there staff can see the light.  So take a look at your space and ask yourself if you can make some smart office design ideas come to life.

  1. Can you remove a couple of rooms?

  2. Could you move some more forward thinking staff or transient staff into a different location?

  3. Could you turn a large office into a break out room for more casual team engagements?

Office Design Idea #2 – Desks and Workstations

Workstations have moved a long way since the 90s, we no longer have large box shaped monitors, so we don’t need to accommodate them.  We all have flat screens and in fact most of us are using laptops.  There is a great opportunity to reassess the way your workstations are configured.  

To rejuvenate your office furniture with smart office design ideas ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do we really need desks this big?

  2. If we are trying to collaborate more why do we have such big workstation screens and partitions?

  3. Why do all our staff sit back to back?  Would they communicate better if they were facing each other?

Once you have a look at the way you are currently set up with fresh eyes you will see that the way you are sitting might just start to feel a little antiquated for 2016.


Office Design Idea #3 - Storage

Storage is a great one, just like home you never realise how much you accumulate until you move or renovate. Moreover, imagine that not just you and your family but all the members in your organisation collect the same amount of collateral over the course of four to seven years – that’s a lot of stuff!  Creating designated storage areas and minimising the amount of personal storage around the desks to avoid junk dumping will pay a huge part in bringing your office back to life. 


Here are some smart office design activities to run through.

  1. Walk through your office like you were accompanying your best client?

  2. Would you really want them to see the overflowing recycling bin and piles of paperwork stored on top of desks? Weren’t you going to try and be more paperless this year anyway? 

  3. Ask yourself where a small communal storage cupboard would work?

  4. Are there items of clothing that could be easily hung out of sight?

So sit back, and ask yourself – could I be using smart office design ideas to breath life into my workplace?

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