Is Coworking, Working?

August 27, 2017



Property prices and the demand from employees to have state of the art facilities at their fingertips has created a different type of workplace. Over the last few years we have seen the rise and fall of office fitout evolutions like activity based working, open plan, hot desks, serviced offices and more recently coworking spaces.




Why have some of these office fitout trends been so successful?


It’s actually quite simple, we (humans), just like our businesses are all wonderfully different, space is designed for people and inherently that is the problem! There is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to people and it is the same for workplaces.   People come in all different sizes and attitudes from quiet and introverted to loud extroverted and all spectrums in-between.  This means there is not one work environment that is going to suit all your staff.  All organisations have a mixture of people and it is that diversity that keeps the heart of the organisation pumping.  It instils the value of sensitivity within the business and places the organisation another step down the path of keeping up with the ever changing world.


So what does this all mean for your organisations office fitout?


Understanding is the most important aspect when thinking about your office fitout or property. First you have to understand the diversity in your business, not all organisations are going to fit into the “google” type office fitout and just because someone is following a trend it doesn’t actually mean it is going to be a good fit for your culture or your organisation.


Those in creative roles like to collaborate but they also need quiet areas where they can deliver without interruption. Those in analytical or development type roles tend to perform well when they have all the tools they need on hand, a few businesses we have worked with have leveraged this with nooks or isolation pods.  With a very specific work environment however they will use in office facilities such as break out areas or games rooms a lot more than others in the organisation!  Start with the obvious, is your team of above average height – cater for it with sit to stand desks, high level storage and full height whiteboard walls!


All organisations are different and people inside those organisations are different and understanding this is the key to a successful office fitout.


If you take the thousand foot view, people want the same thing, friendly, functional and inspiring workplace but from a granular level there are fundamental differences and every organisation can deal with these differences easily. The solution is creating diversity and flexibility in your office fitout, give people the option to be themselves, give them the option to be loud when they want and give them the option to be quiet when they want and most importantly give them the freedom to do it when they need to.  Having the right mix of private rooms and breakout spaces will give your team the flexibility to be themselves and allow your organisation to keep evolving thought the amazing diversity of your people.


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