COVID-19 and your workplace, what will the future of your workplace look like?

April 27, 2020

What will future meetings look like?

With most of the population working from home there has been an increase in demand on IT services. Both our NBN network and organisations have seen pressure to provide services like laptops additional screens and reliable software for their staff while working at home.


The rise in use of programs like Zoom and Teams has been incredible, through necessity it has pushed us all to be more agile, more nimble and more savvy when it comes to our meetings. One thing that we found out from this pandemic and sheltering at home, is that in-person meetings are not always necessary. Virtual meetings will be an ongoing option from now, and for many larger organisations this was a push they needed to bring their IT and support up to a level that was only seen before in tech business and funky start-ups.


Virtual meetings save money, the cost on organisations to provide vehicles, car parks and down time in travel is huge in a country as big as ours. Having the ability to utilise small meeting rooms for video conferences will be the new normal for a lot of businesses.  It used to cost around $40k to integrate a proper Video conferencing system into a room but now with programs like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft teams the cost on the infrastructure setup can be as little a $1000.  With the cost of travel and parking now you can see how this equation has tipped the scale.  



What will my office look like?

With organisation now being forced to have the ability to work from home we anticipate this might change the office outlook for some people. The truth of the matter is that we have seen this for years now, it’s all about having flexibility in the workplace. People want the freedom to work from home if they have a sick kid or have a long commute, they want the freedom to stand up at their desk and they want the freedom to utilise breakout spaces for work.  All of that considered what do we think the office is going to looks like? Much the same as what it does now, even if you are a transient worker and are in the office three days a week you are still going to need a desk,  you are still going to need a meeting room and you are still going to need the human interaction.


Humans need human interaction, consider the movie Castaway starring Tom Hanks, he missed human connection so much he named his volleyball Wilson who became his companion while deserted on a tropical island.  Working from home is not that dissimilar, people want to see people - it is a basic human need.  We miss the smiling faces; the water cooler jokes and the friendly shoulder to cry on when works gets a little tough.


Maybe organisations will move to a desk sharing where staff separate the days they work at home and they days they work in the office, but what does that have on the impact of the business culture. People want to be part of something, its why we have a business vision, mission and values it gives us something to all align with so we are all working to a common goal and its both difficult and challenging trying to align staff on a common goal when they aren’t a physical presence in the office.  It’s like having your star footballers training by themselves and only seeing their teammates at game time.  There is a certain tangible magic that happens when a team spends time together, it’s a bond that you can’t replicate by working from home.


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in just about every industry in Australia and the impact on the office environment is yet to be measured. We believe one of the largest unmeasurable impacts for organisational though this pandemic is the loss to their office culture.


Staff are less engaged; managers are struggling to have impact and influence in a virtual world and IT and infrastructure are on the front lines.

Australians thrive on a “mate” culture, we want to be there for our mates and we want to be together, people are missing their work mates and are sick of being stuck at home so start making preparations now for your office to come back to a better kind of normal. 


To begin preparations for your workforce to come back into the office call us now on 1800 434 868. 






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