We're all about customer-centric spaces at Canopy Fitouts. Our client, Cocolocks, is a hairdresser with natural beauty at the heart of their service, with beautiful hair being the key to confidence. And so, our shop fitout was one that aimed to elevate the customer experience with the aesthetics and functionality to match. Read on to learn how we designed and engineered the perfect workstations and brought their space to life.

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Workstations with functionality at its core

With shop fitouts of this size, utilisation of space is critical to its success. For Cocolocks, this was realised through a mechanical redesign of their hair salon workstations, with the intention to increase its mobility and streamline its functionality. To execute our shared vision, we designed and engineered a new set of floating workstations, which were seamlessly mounted to ceiling sliding tracks and could be moved away to the side at any point. Auxiliary to the sleek features, we incorporated hidden sliding trays into the workstations. Having the expertise of our interior architects and construction team, we were able to build the workstations into the shop fitout with both ease of operation as well as the structural support needed to hold its weight.

Aligning brand vision with design intent

Apart from the functionality of the shop fitout, our design intent heavily focused on aligning the aesthetics of the space with the brand and vision of Cocolocks. We saw the opportunity to express the client's focus on natural beauty by incorporating organic form and raw materials throughout the shop fitout – reflected in the continuous use of light natural timbers and curved surfaces. Furthermore, we made sure the hues of the workstation timber were consistent across other elements of the shop fitout, such as the bulkhead timber panels and reception countertop.

In a similar manner, organic form was a prominent theme in designing the floating workstations. Our designer's interpretation of organic form was rooted in the inclusion of curved elements in every direction. From arched mirrors, pearlescent lighting and power sockets, we needed the shape to create a sense of gentleness and ease, and that we did!

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Fantastic team. Very professional and talented throughout the whole process. Communication was very important and Canopy delivered. A truly great experience.

Suzi Rose
Founder, Cocolocks
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Through our team's client-focused design intent, we could deliver a shop fitout built for the customer. Having the extensive knowledge of our design and projects teams at hand, we offered innovative solutions to achieve a space with both functionality and visual elements to align perfectly with the client's brand. Speak with the Canopy Fitouts team for your next shop fitout – we don't mind giving you a little advice on cost, budgets, requirements, and timeframes. So give us a call on 1800 434 868 or email, and we'd be more than happy to chat with you about your business' needs!   

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