Gontran Cherrier

Gontran Cherrier has a bold and daring approach to baking – the chef is constantly changing his menu. Cherrier’s past hits include squid-ink rolls, kimchi quiches and loaves of bread made with molasses and coriander.

We where lucky enough to deliver the third Australian venue in particular is a place for Cherrier to experiment.

Like its siblings (there’s also one in Hawthorn), the Richmond store has a simple, rustic feel. Rough brickwork and concrete floors combine with timber dado panelling to strike a balance between old and new. A service counter set on hefty stone plinths keeps the spotlight on the store’s pastries (made with imported Lescure butter and Gontran’s favourite French flour).

An intimate dining area at the back of the eatery encourages the steady stream of office workers trickling in for coffee to extend their stay. It comprises cosy banquettes, a handful of wooden tables and chairs, and a mirror illuminated by two spherical lights that give the space a welcome airiness.

We loved delivering this project, the project team on this job was experienced, dedicated and passionate about the product, the people and the area.

Gontran 2 v2
Gontran 3 v4