Movement Studio

From TV to movement as medicine

Movement Studio

After an exciting brief, the Canopy Fitouts team has been working to bring another space to life for some very special clients that were in need of a well deserved make-over shop. Melbourne Movement Studio is Boronia’s newest and most comprehensive health professionals collective. Endeavouring to provide clients and the community with the most up to date and wide-ranging health and movement therapy. Canopy is very proud to have been a part of this transition for what will be a sleek and successful family owned business.

Old TV Repair Shop

The property was originally an old TV repair shop owned and run for over 20 years. The space underwent little to no change over the course of its life and provided our Interior Architect, Sam Fossati, with a good challenge for his first job as part of the Canopy team.

Movement Studio Office Fitout 2

Clear Communication

Karl, Director of Canopy Fitouts, accompanied by Sam Fossati, communicated with the clients over the course of a few weeks to ensure the fitout suited the look and feel the client wanted to achieve. The process involved the specification of furniture, options for space plans and finishes for the walls, floors, ceiling and joinery. Once finalised and signed off the building works could commence!

Complete Revamp

Due to the existing condition of the property, extensive base build upgrades were required to bring the building up to regulation. Entirely new electrical and mechanical systems were installed to accommodate the new layout and suit compliance requirements. 

A complete revamping of the floor was essential to the final finish of the space and through a multi-stage grind and seal process finished with a flaked epoxy resin, a durable and stylish feature was added to the project. The ceiling was in need of a similar revamping and this was achieved through a fresh spray of the entire exposed ceiling keeping important character aspects of the space intact.

Movement Studio Office Fitout 7

The Final Look

On final completion the space consisted of; six practise rooms, a reception area, waiting area, Kitchen and storage, bathroom upgrades and a gym/workout room. Transitioning what was a rundown, under-utilised property into a modern and functional space.

It’s all about the process!

Design Phase

Our Consultant and Designer meet with you to discuss your business fitout needs and get a clear perspective on your vision. We will discuss your requirements and what challenges you are currently facing with your workspace; whether it’s a size issue, a functionality improvement or simply a workspace update, we will work with you to find the most suitable commercial fitout solution for your requirements and budget.


We prepare proposals based on the brief from the initial meeting where we go through and plan the look and feel of the proposed business fitout project. This is where we get feedback from you so we can proceed to the next step. We offer cost effective solutions for an affordable fitout, so your budget is always top of mind.

Site Commencement

All costs are agreed upon during this stage and the outline of the project and timelines are discussed. We organise all relevant permits to be approved and issue you with a final Construction Set, Fixtures and Finishes Schedule and a Project Schedule.


We carefully source and recruit the right contractors for each fitout construction job. We work with our team of Designers and suppliers to ensure consistency across the look and feel of the project, and conduct weekly site visits with you so you can check in on the fitout and how it is coming together.

At completion, we conduct a handover to you after ensuring you’ve had a thorough walk through of the new space and make sure you are happy with your completed project. We continue to work with you to take care of any additional needs and ensure they are resolved in readiness for your relocation.

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