March 31, 2021

Creating a Comfortable Medical Space for Your Patients

Creating a Comfrotbale Medical Space for Your Patients 1

Visiting The Clinic

Visiting a medical clinic can be nerve racking and daunting, that is why you should make your space as comfortable and welcoming as possible for your patients.

Creating a Comfrotbale Medical Space for Your Patients 2

Comfortable Seating

Some patients may want their own space with chairs available that aren’t too close to others. Some other patients may want a combination of seating options such as wider seats, or strategic seating arrangements such as 4 seats in a row on their own that can support a family wanting to sit all together.

Entertaining Your Visitors

Whilst your visitors are waiting its important that there is a positive distraction within the waiting area to calm their nerves or anxieties if they are feeling slightly unnerved being in a medical environment.

A TV is a great way to put something on that is lighthearted and easy to watch whilst your patients wait for their appointment. Some other people may like a quieter option, therefore offering closed captions on the TV instead of having the volume on can cater to both those who want to watch the television and those who would like to watch in quiet. Some others may prefer to use this waiting time to catch up on work or flick through their smartphones.

Magazines are also a great option for those who’d like to read as they wait. You can offer an e-book option using an iPad that can be placed on a coffee table in the waiting area as a more modernized approach to reading as well.

Optimising Your Space

Having dividers offer a viable and affordable solution to add dimensions to your medical space. Room partitions give flexibility and convenience of creating multiple rooms without modifying the existing fixtures whilst still maintaining the privacy between the patient and practitioner. Ensuring that there is optimal natural lighting within the medical space and waiting areas is a great way to ensure your space is calming and comforting for the patient.

Creating a Comfrotbale Medical Space for Your Patients 4

No One Size Fits All

There is no one size fits all approach to creating a successful medical space and environment. Understanding the unique interests, needs and considerations of your patients demographic is the best way of creating the ideal space for them. Waiting rooms are often overlooked and neglected, so this is a great opportunity to enhance the overall patent experience by creating a comfortable and welcoming space as soon as they walk through the door.

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