December 1, 2023

The Ultimate Medical Fitout Guide (2024 Edition)

The medical industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in Melbourne. In recent times, newly emerging practices are opening around Melbourne to suit the expanding market needs.  Designing and building medical practices are only becoming more sophisticated and tailored to their staff and patients' needs. For those looking to open (or upgrade) their next medical practice, figuring out how to fit out their space can seem complex – and costly too.  

In this guide, we'll fill you in on the cost considerations you need to know when fitting out a medical clinic in Melbourne. We'll shed light on things like permits & approvals, hidden costs, and best practices in designing medical fitouts.  

Cost per square meter

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest allocating ~$1200-$1800 (exclusive of medical equipment) per square meter in determining the cost of your medical fitout. On the lower end of this range, your fitout may consist of more moderate finishes and fixtures – such as laminate surfaces, , limited joinery as well as simple lighting and furniture. At the higher end of this range, you may expect more premium finishes and fixtures across materials, lighting, furniture and joinery.  

Medical fitout cost per square metre: ~$1200-$1800 


Permits & Approvals

Knowing what permits and approvals you'll need is crucial in ensuring the build goes as smooth as possible. When first searching for your new space, always check its NCC building classification – this will determine which building code your fitout will need to fall under. Most medical practices fall under building class 9a. So, if you are looking at fitting out a medical clinic in a space under a building code other than 9a (for example, homes typically fall under class 1), you will need to obtain council approval and make sure this space is up to 9a building standards – which can increase the total cost of your fitout.  

Elements that can incur additional costs: 

  • Connecting existing medical equipment to services (plumbing, electrical, gas) 
  • Additional bathrooms needed to meet building code 
  • Body protection requirements per consulting room 
  • Wash basin requirements per consulting room 
  • Spaces older than ten years  

Apart from that, applying for a building permit is almost always necessary when fitting out commercial spaces. These can take 7-10 days to get approved and ensure your medical practice is built safely and up to current standards. 

Marrying Up Aesthetics & Functionality

We're seeing a shift in medical practices catering more for their customers and staff through design. Modern medical fitouts are veering away from the cold, clinical feel they've conventionally offered and instead seek to provide a warm, calming atmosphere. Studies show that biophilic design elements improve one's well-being and encourage feelings of relaxation in individuals – which is especially important in a medical clinic environment. So when considering the overall aesthetic of your next medical fitout, look towards greenery, warm tones and curved features.

Finally, building a space that is 'fit-for-purpose' is equally important to its overall look and feel – this means that a fitout is well equipped for its designated role or purpose. Places like dentists and healthcare practices require adequate services, accessibility and cleanliness standards. Consider accommodating this in your design, the costs of these elements and get the right contractors in. Plumbers, power & data contractors, and mechanical service operators are all vital to ensuring your space is functional.

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At Canopy Fitouts, we believe in transparency at every stage of the fitout process, which is why we put together this guide to help you decide. With experience across various industries, we understand that every medical practice in Melbourne is unique, and we will work with you to bring your vision to life and within budget. If you have any specific questions or are ready to get started on your fitout, speak with our knowledgeable team today.  

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